10 Inauspicious Habits You Must Destroy in 2017



Why are some people world-class performers while others are not? And why are some people able to accomplish a 5-year goal in 5 months while others take substantially longer? Is it because top-performers have created world-class habits?

Tim Ferris says, “Success, however you define it, is achievable if you collect the right field-tested beliefs and habits.” Here are 11 inauspicious habits you must destroy in 2017.

1. Destroy Bad Habits Such As Checking Social Media All Day for Quick Dopamine Fixes

I get it. I’ve been guilty of this in the past and especially over the Holidays. I caught myself going from Facebook to Snapchat to Words With Friends (WWF). It was the worst time waster and those were my most unproductive days.

To help combat this, I temporarily blocked Facebook by using free tools such as Leechblock for Firefox and StayFocusd for the Chrome Browser. Also, I stopped using Snap as much and deactivated notifications for WWF. Now, it has become a habit where I do not need to use the tools, and I’m more productive blocking out times for tasks.

2. Stop Checking Email All Day

Checking email all day is THE WORST! And there’s scientific reasoning to why checking email or wandering the internet all day is terrible for your productivity. Stop being a slave to your inbox. Here’s why.

Daniel J. Levitin, a professor at McGill University, wrote in an article that people are constantly switching between two states of awareness: task-positive (focusing on a task) or task-negative (wandering of the brain). This “Seesawing” too rapidly between these two states can leave your brain feeling “foggy” and unable to commit to either state.

Many people who are on social media throughout the day are in this in-between state. From every status update to snap story you watch, these are competing for resources in your brain, hindering your focus, and your ability to get shit done.

Solution: Designate times of the day to check email and abide by it. Make sure to turn off notifications. If you are anything like me, you would want to open the email as soon as you receive a ping because you are stressing over the content of it and your level of responsiveness. Your phone lights up, and you hear a sound on the desktop, just quit it with the notifications.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It is effortless to compare yourself to others especially when everyone wants to post their most exhilarating moments on social media.

Oh, look it’s me…on the beach with my laptop (view from my office today).

At my lavish mansion.


Here in my garage, manifesting my Toyota Camry as a Lamborghini.

Oh, I ran into Grant Cardone at the airport, and we took a selfie. He promoted my book. Now, we are BFFs. Jim Rohn does say, “You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With.”

Wow! I have 100,000 new followers on my business page. I got such a good deal when I targeted India, Costa Rica, and the Philippines. This is what it means to run a lifestyle business.

Perhaps, it makes me a little envious at times especially when Grant Cardone doesn’t promote my book in a quickie. I mean a quick selfie. Grant… Gosh Golly Gee Whiz, I wish we were BFF’s. *Sighs*

That reminds me that the 10x Event is coming up. My dear friend, Danelle Delgado is speaking there, and she has an amazing story! See you there?

On a serious note, what has helped to combat these feelings is by citing what I’m grateful for each morning. There are certain adverse effects to envy that binds our freedom, and this has helped me destroy those negative feelings and to focus more on myself.

I list three things I am grateful for. What are yours?

  1. __________________
  2. __________________
  3. __________________

4. Stop Wasting Energy On the Wrong People

It’s paramount in business to surrounding yourself with high-achievers and like-minded people. When I first jumped into entrepreneurship three years ago, I had no friends and family to confide in. I think out of my 1500 Facebook friends; I had one friend who was an entrepreneur.

How is it when we post, “I just started my own business,” it gets less engagement than “I just landed a promotion!” or “I just graduated with my 3rd degree!”

Share this post if you can relate to NOT having any support or engagement on your business-related posts.

Now, that I’ve added more business connections on my Facebook, I have way more engagement. Before, it was literally like crickets.

In real-life, it’s critical to meet in-person to build meaningful relationships. Also, to see how we may help each other achieve growth and more success. Don’t just reach out to me and pitch your life changing product or service; learn how to build more effective relationships. I’ll save this rant for another blog.

5. Eliminate Your Habit Of Making Excuses For Not Hitting Your Goals

New Year Resolutions? What are those? It’s the beginning of the new year, and many people have already dropped off on their goals. Stop limiting your potential. How do you think Michael Phelps became the Greatest Olympic Swimmer? His diet and workout are astonishing. He swims a minimum of 50,000 miles a day.

And I’m over here like…”YES, I just hit my first mile!” Unfortunately, this is where most people stop. We stop challenging ourselves to the extent where we are said to be lazy. When you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it done (ethically, of course).

6. Stop Talking As Much; Listen More

I learned this lesson when I was in my teenage years. I realized that I didn’t have all of the answers and I had much to learn from others. Guess what Science says we spend 60% of our time talking about?

Sex, baby? No.

You and me? No.


If people spend 60% of the time talking about himself, where do we fit in time to learn from others?

7. Stop Dabbling And Not Going ‘ALL IN’

The greats do not dabble. They go all in, no matter their age. At age 65, Colonel Sanders found himself broke and was on the verge of committing suicide.

It was at that time; he realized one of his key strengths was cooking. And during the height of The Great Depression, he went door-to-door selling Chicken.

When his sales fell in Kentucky, he sold his store, and he traveled to appoint franchisees. He didn’t just say “oh well, that was a good run!” and on to the next thing.

Sanders franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken all around the country and abroad, exceeding millions in sales. His vision was large enough to go all in, and yours needs to be too. What is your why?

8. Information Overload & Stop Waiting For Someone To Hold Your Hand

When you have invested in mentorship, programs, books, services, and more, then it’s time to analyze and refine where have you accumulated relevant knowledge without execution.

Do not continue investing in different people and hoping the next online guru, expert, or advisor who knows Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) will hold your hand to success. You can be inspired but, you need to take action on your goals first. Think about the relevant information you already have that you may start applying to your business today.

Note: If you are producing a significant ROI on your investments, by all means…go for it! Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who continue to invest, invest, invest for more information with little to no ROI.

9. Not Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

This is a HUGE one for me. I’ve put myself out of my comfort zone a lot since I dove into entrepreneurship. I went from investing in programs and having .47 cents left to my name. .47 cents. Like woah!

Even though this was years ago, it’s still uncomfortable to write about this. It feels like yesterday. Coming from a stable salary of 60K a year and diving into entrepreneurship has been an uncomfortable journey since I’m used to stability. I held a job for eight years while going to college and getting an MBA.

We have been able to produce huge results in our business because we made the decision to take massive action and get out of our comfort zones.

What are some things you will do this year to get outside of your comfort zone?

10. Stop Putting Your Health Last: See What I Did There? 😉

Some entrepreneurs get caught up in their businesses and put their health last… like I have done. I went from a size 6 to a size 12 after I left my Corporate job. I went from being on my feet all day to being at a desk focused on work for 15+ hours.

Now, that I’ve started to prioritize health, I feel more productive and energized throughout the day.

In full disclosure, for some of these habits like prioritizing health consistently, I continue to strive for. It’s something I work on each and every day to get better in life and business. And you can too.

What are the habits you’d like to work on in 2017?

Danielle Gomez


Danielle Gomez is an award-winning producer that co-created Inspired By 11 – a 93-minute feature length film for entrepreneurs meant to inspire people to take massive action. She also runs a video production company, Serious Take Productions, and works with hungry entrepreneurs and established businesses all around the country. Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana she was obsessed with self-education and this Boss Babe learned after Hurricane Katrina when she lost everything that the only materialistic thing she cared about losing was –her journal.

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