7 Simple Steps That Will Ensure Your Success

Whether you’re just beginning  your career in life or starting your busiimages-12ness, there is no doubt that you want to achieve success. But exactly how do you go about doing that? Especially since success means something different for every one but there are some important things that you can do to ensure overall success in your life.

Here are 7 steps that you can follow to help ensure your success…


  1. Create a plan for your life even if you don’t know what you want to do. Yes, you will detour from this plan many times but have one anyway. It provides you with structure and security which you will need to have in the back of your mind to keep climbing, think of it as your safety net so that when you fall, you will get back up.
  2. Discover what your talents and your passions are. Then share that through some sort of service to the world. If you are able to create a career or a business that allows you to express both, then it won’t ever feel like work. And even if you don’t, allocate some time to your passions weekly, even if it’s just for an hour.
  3. Set goals and make vision boards and make some goals unrealistic. Yes, I said unrealistic. What’s the fun in goal setting if you can’t try to reach for the impossible? And like my 8 yr old says, nothing is impossible!
  4. Study the world, not just the areas that interest you. I would love to just study shoes but it’s not going to make me any smarter, nor will it make me a better person. My favorite way to study is reading but you can also do this by socializing with people who are already successful and I’m not talking about just monetary success. There is educational, spiritual, cultural, success as well. Try to watch more educational TV and less reality TV. Pick up a great book, it’s amazing all the miraculous places a book can take your imagination.
  5. Practice positive affirmations daily write them down and post them if you need to. Believe, behave and feel like it’s already yours even if you have to fake it until you make it!
  6. Have an attitude of gratitude. For years I kept a gratitude journal listing everything I was grateful for daily, until it became habit for me to list it off in my mind whilst brushing my teeth and putting on make-up. A gratitude journal is extremely powerful because in the space of gratitude, lack can not reside.
  7. Meditate daily for guidance and clarity. Sit still, quiet your mind for 10 minutes a day. If you’re unsure of what steps to take, ask during meditation, it will be revealed.


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Wendy Porter

Business and Career Planning Coach

Wendy Porter is a Business and Certified Career Planning Coach, a successful entrepreneur and a professional business woman with over 15 years of experience building, running and operating multi-million dollar businesses. She has recently retired her successful career in Corporate America to focus on her business full time. Wendy is the soul and sass behind digital company, Crowned for Success @crowned4success. One of the fastest growing Networks of ambitious boss ladies on Instagram. She is also the President of Reliance Group and a contributing writer for Huffington Post, Bossbabe and Thrive Global, she was also recently interviewed for Forbes Magazine. Wendy’s passion and purpose is teaching women how to become financially independent by building a business, career and life they love. Crowned for Success offers a membership site and numerous training programs for Entrepreneurs and Career Women.

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