5 Steps To Take To Stop Comparing Yourself To Everyone Else.

Nothing pains me more than to hear women comparing themselves or their business to other people because they think they should be better at this or that or further along than they are.

No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors or what that person you are comparing yourself to had to endure to get to where they are now or how long they’ve been at it. Behind an overnight Success is usually years of struggle and hard work!


It personally took me going through cancer, 2 surgeries, a dysfunctional marriage, a bad break up,  body image issues, years of self doubt and 15 years of working my butt off in Corporate America before I dreamt up and launched my dream business.

That’s the REAL story behind Crowned for Success.  Yes we’ve only been on Instagram for 1 year and yes it’s a six figure business.

But look at the previous paragraph and the hell I endured to dream up this company and obstacles I had to overcome to make it a reality.

So please do yourself a favor and stop the flood of insecure thoughts that rush through your mind every time you compare yourself to someone else.

Trust that you are right where you are meant to be!

If you have a story to tell, if you have a product or service to sell and you come from a place of love and you mean well and you put in the work, the Universe will conspire to make it all happen!

Trust in that.

In the meantime your focus and energy should be on YOU and creating an even more fabulous version of yourself. You can’t do that if you’re always worried about what someone else is doing or how much more successful someone else is.

Now, don’t get me wrong we all get jealous sometimes, we are human. But it’s not healthy to let jealousy consume you so much that you begin negative self talk or start beating yourself up over it.


Put the focus back on you and try implementing the daily steps below to find your light instead…

  1.  Upon waking list off at least 5 things you’re grateful for. Keep a gratitude journal so you can refer back to all that you have to be thankful for when self doubt starts to creep back in.
  2. Try meditating, if even just for 10min daily. This is a great way to clear your mind of all thoughts especially the negative ones.
  3.  Say and feel at least 3 positive affirmations. Make them realistic and believable so that it allows you to FEEL them. Feeling affirmations is key to making them reality.
  4.  Give or pay it forward. It doesn’t have to be monetary but your goal should be to give to at least one person each day that isn’t a family member. This can be advice, a genuine compliment, asking someone how you can support them, empathy, a listening ear, a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, a cut in line at the grocery store. This is a great way to take the focus off of your flaws (we all have them) and find kindness within yourself instead. Plus the Universe always rewards giving back, tenfold.
  5. Be mindful of your thoughts and your words. They carry a lot of energy both negative and positive. Try to monitor them, keep them in the positive zone as much as possible.

All the steps above will help you become more aware of your inner thoughts, making it easier to stop the comparing and begin to put the focus back to where it belongs, on fabulous YOU!

Wendy Porter

Business and Career Planning Coach

Wendy Porter is a Business and Certified Career Planning Coach, a successful entrepreneur and a professional business woman with over 15 years of experience building, running and operating multi-million dollar businesses. She has recently retired her successful career in Corporate America to focus on her business full time. Wendy is the soul and sass behind digital company, Crowned for Success @crowned4success. One of the fastest growing Networks of ambitious boss ladies on Instagram. She is also the President of Reliance Group and a contributing writer for Huffington Post, Bossbabe and Thrive Global, she was also recently interviewed for Forbes Magazine. Wendy’s passion and purpose is teaching women how to become financially independent by building a business, career and life they love. Crowned for Success offers a membership site and numerous training programs for Entrepreneurs and Career Women.

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