How to Use Visualization to Crush Your 2017 Goals

2017 goals

If you’re feeling stuck as you plan out your 2017 goals – fear not. Visualization is a tried and tested method of using mental imagery to bring about positive change. It’s a great technique to help you stay motivated and focused to ensure you crush your 2017 goals.

Lisa Nichols, featured in The Secret and Founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, says: “Visualization is a powerful technique that can be used by everyone for all kinds of situations. We become what we most think about. Success can be created by you and only you but ideas must be coupled with consistent action, visualizations are worthless without action.”

Create a Vision Board of Your 2017 Goals

A vision board is a board that visually represents what one aspires to achieve. As an ambitious Boss Babe, you’ve no doubt got big dreams that you’re working hard to achieve. By creating a visual depiction of your goals, you’ll bring about clarity and help focus your mind.

I’ve been creating vision boards for the past five years.  I stuck a series of inspirational images and affirmations on the first board I created. The images consisted of me walking down a street in Brooklyn (I dreamt of one day relocating from London to New York); traveling to Cuba to celebrate a special birthday, and delivering a speech to a large audience. They seemed like big scary goals that would totally take me out of my comfort zone. But it’s good to think big, right? Within a few months of creating the board and with consistent daily action, I’d achieved all the goals visually depicted on the board. It’s amazing what we can achieve with focused effort.

I recently hosted a 2017 Vision Board Masterclass for 30 professional women in London. We networked over wine from Nyetimber and delicious food provided by the Jamaica Patty Company, Coconut Collaborative and the Primrose Bakery.

The women created their vision boards using inspirational words and images:

One of the vision boards created during the evening.

Set SMART Goals

When you create your vision board don’t be afraid to dream big. Don’t get caught up in the how. Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART).

Kirsty Carden, Success and Life Coach and one of the 2017 Vision Board Masterclass guests, says: “Part of the reason most people do not achieve their goals is because they get caught up on the HOW and not the WHY. A vision board takes your focus straight to the WHY; to the end result, which is the secret ingredient to all success. When you subject your mind to the same thoughts and images everyday that’s what manifests.”

Visualization without a doubt is a great way to gain clarity and focus the mind to pursue the personal and professional goals you’ve set for 2017 with gusto.

Special thanks to our event sponsors Jamaica Patty Company, Coconut Collaborative the Primrose Bakery and Nyetimber wine for providing the delicious food and drink.

Marielle Legair

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