2017 Recap: 5 Teachable Moments In Pop Culture

We are exactly 21 days away from the New Year, New Me speeches and rants that no one really wants to read, deep reflections on the heart breaks, new friends and business ventures we encountered throughout the last 365 days and most importantly 21 days away from turning the page. Just like every year before it 2017 was full of teachable moments in pop culture. Before we close the door, let’s recap some of the lessons she brought us.

1. Rihanna taught us single-handedly It’s not about who does it first. It’s about who executes better. It’s no secret that there are a billion makeup lines that already existed that in combination may have produced a Fenty like look, however she saw a specific need and filled it. Rih’s makeup line did record-breaking numbers, despite the ‘overly-saturated’ makeup market reminding us that the magic is in the execution.

Cardi B.

2. Gabrielle Union taught us Real is always in style. I haven’t gotten my hands on her new book yet but from what I’ve heard and seen on her social media – she keeps it like 10,000% real. I mean Dwayne Wade’s derriere real. While some may argue that she treads the line of Too Much Information, the book has been making waves and the one resounding voice is that everyone has fallen in love with her authenticity. This lesson wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t acknowledge the queens of “Take Me As I Am”, Cardi B & Tiffany Haddish. I mean it’s a fine line between love and hate when it comes to such strong personalities but you do understand that you aren’t for everyone (in business and in life).

3. Colin Kaepernick exemplified Integrity. While Kaepernick’s professional career was directly impacted by his decision to take such a strong stance against the systemic racism in America, he held firm and demonstrated the nobility of standing up for what we believe in. Kaepernick recognized his ability to affect change, the power of his platform and used them both for the greater good. I think if we all added just a little bit of integrity to our businesses in 2018 that we could all in our own tiny way, create ripples of positivity. I mean, it’s worth a shot.

4. 4:44 Jay did what he does best and taught us lesson after lesson with the epic 4:44 album. While the album has some noteworthy bars, I was more attentive to the marketing genius behind the release. Jay and mogul wife Beyonce, personify Say Less, Do More. They literally fall off the face of the earth for months at a time, only to appear on some luxury island for a few days, to retreat for a little longer and out of the darkness, voila. The magic, that be – 4:44. You never have to question how much work really went into a project of that magnitude because it’s undeniably a work of art. With the suspense-filled releases, they keep their audience at the edge of their seats. I’m sure they laugh at our thirst.

5. Chris Brown taught us the beauty of Growth. The other day while surfing Netflix I stumbled across the Chris Brown documentary. Now Brown hasn’t done an interview in years largely due to how he was being depicted at the time so the documentary intrigued me. Although it is a quick docu it’s apparent that he has taken the time to really reflect on his shortcomings and gear up for the come back, much like we will in the days leading up to 2018. While we all witnessed the breakdown of Brown as a star and a young man, he is to be commended on the strides he appears to have made in the super transparent vid. Let his transformation be a beautiful reminder that we can always do better next year.

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