Personal Branding – 3 Key Points About Presenting Yourself

Personal Branding is an important part of your business. When you are selling your service and work, people don’t buy it, they buy you.

In the digital business market, Personal Branding is about strategy. It distinguishes people that are just joining the crowd to get a few bucks from those who want to build a credible business.

In your business, when you are selling your service, people will buy it because they are interested in it. But with so many similar products, what makes them choose you? It’s all about your brand, yourself and the way you present yourself. You are not just creating a brand or a consulting business.

You, as a professional, as a consultant, as a bossbabe business woman, are also a brand!

As you are an entrepreneur and you have a business, you need to take care of the way you present it to your potential customers. As an online business or an e-commerce brand, you will probably look at key points you need to manage – your business name, your logo, your website template, your product display, your business functionalities and operations.

In addition to your business, you also need to work on yourself and the way you present yourself to the public.

Customers already know your product. They are familiar with it a little bit, otherwise they wouldn’t search for it and they wouldn’t have found you. But customers also know that there’s competition in the market. They know they can get a similar product with a different price. You don’t want them to look around and choose another product. When they make the choice to buy, they ddin’t look to the product, they looked at you!

Personal Branding is about the way you communicate yourself and your business in order to reach more potential customers and make your business grow.

When it comes to Personal Branding, you can think about the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you choose to go some events instead of others. But you also need to think about the way you communicate.

Here are 3 key points you need to know about when you are communicating you to customers:

Your Story

Customers want to know why they should buy from you, so they will want to know more about you. Who are you? Where do you come from? What have you studied? What’s your professional experience? Think about your story and what challenges and experiences you needed to go through to make what you are today. Tell your customers your path to your business and they will relate to you.

Your Why

Simon Sinek is the author of “Find your WHY”. He believes that successful business may have a good product but it’s not just that. It’s not the WHAT or the HOW that makes a business survive the test of time – it’s the WHY. Your WHY is what made you create your business. It makes you stay up at night investing in your business. Your WHY makes you spend less time with your family to make your dreams a reality. Your motives makes you move forward when you are not motivated. After telling your story, customers will understand your WHY clearly and they will fell connected to your honest feelings.

Your Vision and Mission

Every business must have a vision and a mission. These are key points to bring people to join the vision of the company. When you talk what you want to accomplish with your business, people will see if they like you or not. Customers will want to buy it because they believe in the same mission you do and they want to be part of it. When you tell them why you are doing what you are doing and what’s your next step, they will feel they are walking the same path with you and that creates a stronger relationship with the customer.


In terms of Personal Branding, the way you communicate yourself is important to reach more customers and to build a stronger community sense around your business. When talking about your business, remember to tell them your story, tell them why you needed to create that business and show them what do you want to accomplish with it. You can only develop your brand if you get closer to the customer, by relating to his experiences and by empathy – and that’s why communicating about yourself honestly will improve your brand greatly.

Rita Amaral

Rita is the Founder of ERREGRANDE.PT, the go-to portuguese platform for young powerful millennial woman. She creates content about business, motivation, careers, money and more. When she's not obsessing with personal development and online courses, she likes to swim in the mornings, have lunch by the beach and read books while drinking tea. Her goal is to show young women that with ambitions, focus and creativity, they can make it rain every day!

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