3 Lessons Learned on the Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship

Starting out in business I thought it was all going to be plain sailing… then I realised I was on the Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship (so no deal)!


I thought I would set up a business, sell something, make some money, live comfortably, have a house and a nice car, and a husband too – and all of this by age 25.


Now I’m 29 and I realise that plain sailing wasn’t really my thing… nor is it the thing for any other entrepreneur out there.


With the smooth and the success comes the challenge and the stretches too.


All things on the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship are sent to help us learn and grow, and as entrepreneurs we thrive on risk, on expansion, and of course, on having fun.


The journey every day offers it’s own gifts, and I want to share a few of my learnings with you from this week alone…


1. You can plan, but you have to be prepared to give up the plan.


Writing a book is a mammoth task, and a process that I am absolutely loving working on. From start to finish it has been 20 months of work… and it’s still only just the beginning!


Each and every step of the way I’m learning something new, but it doesn’t mean that the process comes without emotion. This morning I received a note from my publisher to say that the part of my book I had written about my personal story needed some more work.


My personal story is exactly that… pretty personal; which means it is sometimes hard to write and convey the message with enough detail, but not too much, and to get the right tone to match the rest of the book.


I knew I had done my best, but being offered the constructive criticism still made some thoughts pop up in my mind…


“Am I a terrible writer?”


“Is my book rubbish?”


“What does this mean?”


Well it meant exactly what she had said in the email – that the manuscript still needs some work… and as such there might be a few extra weeks of work during the editing process.


“But what about my launch plans??????”


All of this happened within a few short minutes and gave me an opportunity to see things differently.


You can’t always control things, and sometimes you just have to trust the process…


…which brings me on to my second learning from this week…


2. It’s essential you have a partner in crime.

 Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship


It was 6:45am when I received the afore mentioned email, and I had just finished spin class and grabbed my dirty coconut chai from Starbucks.


I had clients lined up for 8am and I felt like I was reeling inside.


I messaged one of my team and shared the news.


She was on hand to help.


“Noooooooo Niyc, this is awesome! This is a really good thing! It means your book is going to be even better, and we can change flights and speaking gigs around your launch if we need to. Think about it… when has anything not worked out? It always does. So let’s keep smiling!”


You’ve heard the saying, “behind every great man is a great woman”, right?


Well I firmly believe that behind every great woman is another great woman who has her back, and that’s certainly true for me.


Remember that you’re not taking this journey alone!


You have an entire team of Boss Babes you can reach out to who have your back!


And if all else fails…


3. Sometimes wine really is the answer!


I’m not one for getting crazy drunk every weekend but this week there was a point where I left my house, walked down the street to a cute restaurant… and ordered a glass of wine (and some sushi too).


Choosing to have that change in my environment, to take 45 minutes just to chill, collect my thoughts, and then get back to work, made all the difference.


It’s easy to keep pushing as an entrepreneur, but I’ve really learned that creating some space when things get a little too much, is an awesome step to take.


Heading outside for a walk, playing your favourite song, or choosing to drop a project can really help when you need some space to think.


I’m back on form again now, and in business as with life I’m grateful for the learnings that come my way – and I’m grateful to be able to share them here with you!


Have a wonderful rest of your day superstar – and be sure to check out my free unstoppable success audio at www.niycpidgeon.com (you can pre-order my book there too).


With Gratitude,

Niyc Pidgeon

Positive Psychologist MSc BSc CTLLS IPPA

Global Success Coach

Hay House Author

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