3 Hacks For Nailing Your Public Speaking Opportunity

Tomorrow I’m heading into another public speaking engagement. My platform for empowering female entrepreneurs and creatives  has given me the amazing opportunity to impact thousands of women, and get to share my story on how self-love, and the right tools can help you create your yes in life.

I’m excited for my speech tomorrow. But I didn’t always feel this way.

I used to feel nervous to get in front of a crowd. I was nervous, shaking and so self-aware of what people would think of my speech it would nearly make me stress for weeks leading up to it.

If public speaking is something you fear, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Public speaking is actually rated as the biggest fear of the majority of people- even higher than the fear of death.

But when you’re able to change your perspective, public speaking can actually be extraordinary fun, and an excellent way to position yourself as an expert and get your brand in front of more eyes!

I’m going to share 3 hacks that can help you nail your next public speaking opportunity

public speaking

Put Your Focus On Your Audience In Public Situations

If the thoughts in your mind are going ‘What will people think of ME?’ ‘What if I mess up?’ your thoughts are way too focused on you, and not enough on your audience.

Instead of feeling conscious, go on stage directing your attention to your audience. Think about how you can inspire, educate or move your audience. Remember that there are people in the crowd that need your message, and the reason you’re in front of them is to make a serious impact on them!

Focus on who you can help, inspire, and you might even change someone’s life!


Use Physiological Hacks To Increase Your Confidence Whilst Speaking


In this amazing TED talk by Amy Cuddy, she shares how doing the Wonder Woman pose before a speaking engagement, or important meeting can increase the testosterone in your body and lower your cortisol levels, leading you to higher levels of confidence and less stress.

Try pulling out this pose before heading into your next speech and you will absolutely rock it.


Expect The Best From Your Public Speaking Opportunity

If you go into a speech expecting the worst case scenario, that’s likely what’s going to pan out.

Instead, imagine yourself completing a successful speech and having a huge round of applause. Imagine people coming up to you after, telling you how much what you had to say had an impact on them.

When you go into it with a positive outcome in mind, you’re much more likely to make it happen!

Reese Evans

Founder at yes supply collective

Reese is a Passive Income Success Strategist, and founder at yes supply collective, a source for female creatives to get the tools and mentorship needed to create a online business and a life they love. Find her on instagram at @yessupply and talk to her in her free facebook group at www.yessupply.co/freefacebookgroup.

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