3 Reasons to Wake Up with Confidence

We all have our days where we would love to stay in bed and not adult. We have encounters with coworkers, supervisors or clients that make us want to curl up in a corner and disappear. We have days where we lose our confidence and forget the first part of my favorite pineapple quote…

“Be a pineapple. STAND TALL, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.”

Well, I have 3 reasons to wake up with confidence!

To me, that first part of my favorite quote is telling you no matter what…remember to stand tall. Keep your shoulders back, stand up straight and always have confidence in yourself. Don’t lose hope, don’t become less than what you are, don’t give up.

Easy right?

No, not always.

Sometimes things happen to us and we need to be reminded how great we are. We need to be reminded why it is important to always wake up with confidence and to embrace those benefits.

So, I have come up with 3 reasons to wake up with confidence.how to hire content writers


I believe that if you wake up every day with more confidence that you had the day before, you will be a happier person. An individual that believes in themselves and in what they are doing, is a more confident person. Being a confident person leads you to be a happier one. When you are happier, many wonderful things start happening.

Ultimately, our happiness can come from many different things and I know that happiness looks different for everyone, but it is most definitely a result, no matter the context, of confidence.


So today you woke up confident & happy, so guess what? Today, your work is going to be spectacular. Just like with happiness, I believe a person who believes in what they are doing and is confident in their abilities to perform, ultimately produces better work. I believe those people are more relaxed and don’t overthink every part of their job, allowing their words, ideas, numbers…whatever you are working on to flow freely.  

We all have “stressers” in our lives, but I believe that people who wake up every day with confidence will ultimately be less stressed at work & see positive results with clients, upper management and peers.


My third and final reason that I believe everyone should wake up with confidence is because you will demand respect. For my daytime job, we support an industry that is 100% dominated by males. One of the owners for the company that I work for is a female and she is one of the most confident and well respected women that I know. She demands it. She walks in a room and she is confident in her background and with the services she is pitching.

Respect is often hard to gain and quick to lose but you most definitely can’t gain it without confidence.

If you wake up tomorrow and remember to STAND TALL, I feel certain that you will wake up happier, ready to take on your work day, feel more relaxed and free flowing and capture respect once you walk into the room.



Boss Babe Writer

I live a life like a pineapple, “Stand Tall, Wear a Crown & Be Sweet on the Inside.” Writing is a passion of mine & blogging has become my new outlet. I love a good cup of coffee, cats and lots of positive energy. I work fulltime at a marketing agency where every day I am given the opportunity to grow and learn from others around me. Expect pineapple content. No matter where you are in your professional career, the relationships you build, the clients you have, the projects you start, can all relate back to “Being a Pineapple.”

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