The 3 Skills Needed To Achieve Mastery In Any Industry

Achieve Mastery

What’s the difference between habits and skills?

Habits are the actions repeatedly performed whereas skill is about having the capacity to become a master at something.

To grow our business and to better ourselves, we need to establish habit formation to develop three critical skills. Here are the three skills needed to achieve mastery in any industry.

1. Achieve Mastery By Mastering Productivity

The majority of the people that I’ve met who are producing 7-8 figures in their business are masters of their production.

Take, for example, John Lee Dumas, an entrepreneur who gets millions of downloads a month to his podcast by being laser focused on goals & having an undeviating work-routine.

John batches his production time into two full days where he does back-to-back interviews. He then allows the other days to be used for post-production for podcasts.

As an entrepreneur, you need to build systems and infrastructure to increase productivity.

Be honest when measuring results. How much work have you accomplished and are you moving the needle?

Are you getting everything you desired done even the tedious tasks?

A typical example would be that some small business owners tend to not focus on administrative and financial areas. When it comes to bookkeeping and managing finances, they lack discipline.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to manage your accounting. Business owners should review their profit and loss reports at least every month. I have made it a habit to review it weekly.

Like an astronaut in Space needs a protective garment equipped with oxygen tanks and other protective measures, business owners need a steady, positive cash flow to survive.

You have to become a master at discipline for all aspects of your business.

  2. Become a Master At Discipline

I can’t focus…

I don’t feel like it…

I’ll finish that later…

These are all excuses that undisciplined people use.

Discipline starts out as a habit and needs to be repeated consistently to become a skill.

If you want to achieve X, then you have to work on your skills every day.

People jump into entrepreneurship knowing it’s going to be hard, but likely “not this hard.”  And being in business is not for the faint of heart. It takes mastering these two skills as well as becoming a master at focus.

     3. Become a Master At Focus

Detractors like spending too much time in your email can derail your focus. From the profusion of texts, emails, and notifications, it’s effortless to focus on the wrong things.

You can choose to watch the live streams of the protests after the inauguration, or you can focus on something that you can control.

Batch your time and complete tasks uninterrupted that will help push your business and your life in the right direction.

John has built a 7-figure a year business by mastering these three traits, and if you struggle with any or all of them, then he has created a step-by-step guide called The Mastery Journal to help you along the way. John may also be seen in the documentary, Inspired By 11, click here to watch.

Danielle Gomez


Danielle Gomez is an award-winning producer that co-created Inspired By 11 – a 93-minute feature length film for entrepreneurs meant to inspire people to take massive action. She also runs a video production company, Serious Take Productions, and works with hungry entrepreneurs and established businesses all around the country. Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana she was obsessed with self-education and this Boss Babe learned after Hurricane Katrina when she lost everything that the only materialistic thing she cared about losing was –her journal.

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