3 Ways to Give During the Holiday Season

I love the Holidays, I love Christmas, and I absolutely love to give.

I must admit, that sometimes I can get lost in the festivities and not actually, but subconsciously, forget the true reason why we celebrate Christmas.  You know like when Pastor says we will have service and it’s not Sunday.  I can catch myself wondering why he would do such a thing to us (LOL *blank stare*).

Yet, this season has been different.  Jesus has taught me the meaning of Christmas in ways I never truly imagined.  He has given me gifts in ways that I never asked for nor expected.

What gifts are you giving to others in this season?

Christmas is about Jesus.  Jesus is LOVE.  He is the biggest gift that we will ever receive.  What gift in this season are you giving?J. Sherai

3 Ways to Give

1. Donate

We all have something that someone else desires.J.Sherai

We do.  We all have something that someone is looking at and longing that they could afford.  The very next time a stranger in this season compliments you on your earrings, your purse, your shoes, or whatever else…whatever it may be, if you can afford to do so, take them off and give it to them.

Even, if it’s your most favorite pair, GIVE.  This is a season to celebrate love. Be an unexpected blessing in someone else’s life in this season.  Show them the love that you are receiving on a daily basis and if you are not receiving the love you desire, give to them the love you wish to receive.

Donate to someone else unexpectedly in this season.

Yes, your clothes in the back of your closet (that you haven’t worn in years) are definitely okay to donate and give to those who are in need in this season as well.  They most definitely need those items.

I challenge you in this season to consider an even bigger sacrifice, an even bigger gift.   Donate something unexpected.

Question to Consider: What will it cost you to give more than you ever expected?

Look up, God just may test you in this season.

Jesus invited Matthew to follow Him. Matthew invited Jesus into his home for fellowship with him and others. Who are you inviting into your home in this season? There is nothing like family, fun and fellowship. That is the true definition of love.J.Sherai

2. Fellowship

Maybe not all of you who are reading this blog, but most of you have items in your freezer that can easily be taken out, thawed, and will feed an entire army.

Do you know someone that is lonely in this season?  What friend do you know whose family lives far away?  Who do you know that has no family at all?  Have you invited them into your home in this season?  Have you shown them the true meaning of Jesus and Love?  Invite someone into your home today, you know the person you usually avoid because they’re weird.  Everyone else treats them that way too.  I dare you to be different.

I recently attended a dinner that was hosted by a close friend.  I remember sitting around the table fellowshipping, amazed at the heart of my friend and her husband.

You see, around the table seemed like the oddest placed people; people that I normally would not be in fellowship with on a Sunday, eating dinner and talking about our week.

What my friend had done was not invite the rich and popular.  She invited those who truly wanted fellowship and needed company.  It amazed me.  The simplicity of her gift in this season, but yet the love that was in it.

Question to Consider: Are you lonely and looking for company or are you surrounded by family and always left with tons of food?

Invite someone that you know is never invited to dinners, into your home for dinner.

Jesus loves Relationship. He desires a personal relationship with us. We desire a personal relationship with others. I believe we must have a relationship with God, first.  Our relationship with Him will successfully establish our relationship with others.J.Sherai

3. Build

What are you building in this season?  Are you building up others?

If Jesus is constantly filling you, it is for a reason.  He wants you to pour out into others.

Who are you building up and pouring into in this season?

There is someone around you, working hard trying to accomplish something that you’ve already done.  Help them.  Invite them to coffee, talk to them about what they are working on, offer them God given wisdom and advice that helped you in a similar situation.   Lovingly lift them up and edify them.  Show them that someone cares about their path and where they are going.  Who are you pouring into in this season?  Who needs your help?

Question to Consider: Where would you be, if no one stopped along the way, and occasionally pointed you in the right direction?

Look around, there is someone looking for what God has poured into you.

J. Sherai, The Success Strategist

CEO & Founder

Hello, my name is J. Sherai a.k.a. "The Success Strategist." I am the CEO & Founder of Release to Renew, LLC, an empowerment company solely focused on providing coaching sessions, products, and programs that lead to success strategies in life and business. You can catch me over on my site, releasetorenew.com, handing out success strategies, coaching men and women into a successful life and business, and constantly giving all Glory, Praise, and Honor to Jesus. Hope to see you over there :).

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