How to Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

If you have a phone, you probably have an Instagram. Millions of people nationwide use Instagram to share their favorite memes and funny videos. However, they also use it for business. Social media influences consumer’s, and it is essential for every business to have a social media presence.

When enthusiastic customer’s rave about a company’s service one of the first questions potential shoppers ask is “What is their Instagram?”. So it is time to create or re-vamp your Instagram to fit your businesses marketing needs. Although, not explicitly stated many businesses are using Instagram as a marketing tool.

How Others Are Using Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Take the time to look at your favorite Instagrammers pages, popular brands, and brand ambassadors to take notes.  Pay attention to the kind of posts they share, their schedule and what they do to grab their followers attention. Chances are if they have a huge following and positive reviews they are doing something right. A little research can go a long way.

Create a Business Profile

The first and crucial step in using Instagram as a marketing tool is to build a new and refined business image. Whether you are providing a service or selling a product, it is important that a separate, professional Instagram page is available. One rule of thumb is to keep your business and personal separate. It is important that the business page reflects what’s advertised. This new business page should have a name reflective of your business, an eye-catching profile picture, such as your logo, and a clear, concise bio.

There is an option when creating an Instagram for it to be a “Business Profile,” this is the best choice because it allows you to have a contact option, keep track of sales, views, and trends. The ‘business profile’ feature also allows you to have ads placed on Instagram’s feed for more exposure.

Build an Image

A picture says a thousand words- cliché but truthful; it is important to post meaningful content. For example, if you were a small Soul Food Kitchen that created an Instagram to gain customers in the community, it would not be beneficial to have many personal pictures or photos of foods you do not serve or have not personally made. Instead, it would be a good strategy to post your menu a few times a day, with a caption detailing your location and excitement to serve your customers. It may also be helpful to post a few close-up shots of your food, customer favorites or new drink options. Think commercial- branding is everything!

Post Smart

Similar to “building an image,” I must reiterate how important content is. Instagram’s live stories are an excellent way to show whats happening behind the scenes and post without direct notice. In the Soul Food Kitchen example, showing ingredients in your foods, or opening up the shop are great ways to keep your name on the timeline. Boomerang is also a helpful feature one can use to showcase the environment or the outside landscape. Furthermore, the live story allows you to make videos and a “swipe up” option to redirect traffic to menus, or a website.

Utilize the various ways of sharing information to create a professional yet warm and familiar atmosphere.

Be Accessible

Using Instagram as a marketing tool allows customers and businesses to become more intimate. Consumers can check your latest posts for sales, new items or to attempt to reach out directly. Social media shrinks the world; do not be afraid to reply to customers or have online giveaways.

The contact option allows for users to call, email and provides a direct line of communication. This contact option can be helpful when consumers have questions about products, shipping or hours of operation.

Instagram is a fantastic tool and cost effective to gain followers and potential customers. It is a straightforward way to gain recognition quickly and has features to maximize marketing opportunities.


Jatia is a senior at Coppin State University in Baltimore , MD. She enjoys spending time with her crazy , hilarious daughter Kennedi and enjoys writing blogs in her free time. She is currently trying to graduate school and hopes to write her own book one day.

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