What To Do When You’re Approached By A Network Marketer

Hey BossBabes. I’ve been in Network Marketing for 2 years now and the more I build my business the more I want to write on this topic:  What to do when you’re approached by a Network Marketer.

Look, I get it. I wasn’t always in Network Marketing and I definitely used to turn my nose up at people who approached me about it. I’ll also be the first to admit some people in the industry go about building their business ALL WRONG. I know how irritating it is to have a stranger friend you on facebook, and then spam the shit out of you before even showing interest in you or your life. But here’s the thing – we’re not all like that.

Many of us, are just trying to create something for ourselves. We want to get out of toxic work environments, pay for our kids soccer lessons, travel the world or be able to contribute more to charities. We put ourselves on the line every day to be rejected (mostly outright ignored) – just like you do with your traditional business or jobs.

I wanted to write this article from the point of view of being in the industry, because I’ve been on both sides. I wish I had come across something like this before my journey in Network Marketing began, so I at least would have known how to handle situations better so both parties could part ways happy.

1. Hear Them Out – What Do You Have To Lose?

When a friend, or perhaps virtual friend approaches you wanting to share their business, products or services it means they’ve taken time out of their day to think of you and send a message. If you say “yes” to hearing more, it doesn’t mean your future is written in stone and you HAVE to join us or buy our products. The worst case scenario is it doesn’t feel like the right fit for you and you both carry on with your lives. You don’t have to feel guilty for saying “hey, this just isn’t for me right now”. The best case scenario is it could be the answer to what you’ve been wishing for. More money, more freedom, more time with your kids. I was that girl who turned down Network Marketing at first simply due to lack of education. Don’t let yourself miss out on perhaps one of the best things to come your way because you’re being ignorant. Just have a chat!


2. If You REALLY Don’t Want To Talk To Us, Just Say So!

Most of us understand that this type of business isn’t for everyone, and that’s OKAY! But just let us know. If you are so super positive this isn’t your thing, communicate that with us. Remember, we can see you’ve read our message and haven’t replied. Which sucks for anyone. If you just let us know what’s up, we can focus our energy on others who may genuinely be interested in what we have to offer. We won’t be mad, in fact, most will thank you for your honesty. Just don’t leave a girl hanging. A simple message saying “not for me right now, but I’ll keep you in mind for my family and friends” is perfect!


3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Pretty much everyone I know who works in Network Marketing had some kind of skepticism or objection at one point or another. It’s NORMAL! Network Marketing is still a very new way of doing business, and not everyone is going to get it right away. Wondering if it’s a pyramid scheme? Ask us! Not sure how you would ever fit it into your current schedule? Ask us! Not sure if you have the personality for it? Ask us! If the company you’re being approached about is an honest and ethical company, the person coming to you will have no problem explaining all these topics with you. We want you to understand how the business works, so please, ask away!


4. Do Your Own Research, Don’t Talk To Your Friends

Look, I love my friends dearly – but not many of them think the same way I do. I see opportunities where most don’t and I’m not afraid to take chances. Nothing breaks my heart more than when I’ve had multiple good conversations with a potential new partner, she’s ready to come on board, and then talks to a friend who tells her it’s a bad idea because she’s “heard” bad things about the network marketing industry, etc. Unfortunately, there are many people in this world who never went after their dreams because they were too scared. Don’t let those people stop you from going after YOUR dreams. I strongly believe in doing your due diligence before joining any company, but if you want testimonials, talk to people in the industry. If you want statistics, go right to the horse’s mouth. One of the best places to go is dsa.org – all the credible Network Marketing companies will be ranked on there. Don’t ask your friends who have never had anything to do with Network Marketing. You wouldn’t ask your friend if you should get heart surgery if they weren’t a doctor, would you?

approached by a network marketer

New opportunities present themselves to us all the time. Just because an opportunity is unfamiliar to you doesn’t mean it’s a scam or shouldn’t be taken seriously. I believe everything happens for a reason – so the next time ANY opportunity comes your way (network marketing related or not) be open minded to learning more about it. It could end up being a super vital part to your success story.

If you’re not personally interested, try thinking about if there’s a way the two of you can collaborate. Be willing to help other women in business if their cause resonates with you. There is so much potential for us to create huge amounts of success together, across all channels. Use this way of thinking the next time you are approached by a Network Marketer.

Get out there, take chances, stop caring what your friends think and do more of what makes you happy.

Until next time, babes.

Dani Wilder

Dani is a 23 year old living in Vancouver, BC. She began working at 14 and soon developed an unstoppable work ethic which allowed her to promote to high level positions quickly. Although new to the Entrepreneur scene, her 9 years experience in the corporate world has her set to take on the world. Her life as an Entrepreneur began in February of 2015 when she partnered with two of the world's most renowned Dermatologists. Being the determined and creative spirit she is, in 2016 she founded SelfieSchool™ which brought together her love of social media and helping others. She also launched a self love campaign & community called BEL♡VEDYOU™ – a place where women can come together for support and unconditional love. Her passion and expertise lies within self-esteem reinstatement, finding true happiness, discovering the most genuine love for yourself, and helping others achieve their dream life.

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