4 Ways Micro Wins Can Help You Sell More And Pre-Qualify Customers

So, what are micro wins and how can they help me sell more?

If I were to ask you if you’d like a cup of coffee – you’d probably say yes.

If I then proceeded to ask if you like social media – again, you’d probably say yes and even call out one or two platforms that you enjoy.

What if I asked you, what are your biggest challenges on social media at the moment.  Then after hearing your challenges asked if you’d like a free checklist or download I created that will help you with XYZ in as little time as enjoying your cup of coffee – chances are you’d say sure!

how micro wins make you better at sales

These are micro wins.  

Small, seemingly easy questions to ask to get a YES.  In sales it’s all about the yes. It’s said that if you can elicit at least three yes’s you have their attention.  The reason being is simple.

  1. It’s a way of qualifying your prospect, making sure that YOU are talking to the right person.  No need in continuing the conversation if they tell you they hate social media and despise coffee.
  2. You have to go through a lot of no’s before you get the win, it’s a numbers game after all. Micro wins help you ease into the offering and help your prospect feel confident that they are in control.
  3. It makes the whole process really seem like you care and you’re not just there to sell them something.

Micro wins can be as short or long as need be – better to judge by the pricing of your product.  In some cases, the higher the price the more time needed to soften the blow. You don’t want to rush in and slam them with a $1000 offer, but really vet and edify that your solution is exactly what they need.

So how do you go about getting micro wins from your prospects?

  • Really think about your solution – now ask questions to dive deeper into your prospects challenges, needs, concerns
  • Ask questions that require a yes or no, BUT think like a lawyer and ask questions that you know will get a Yes!
  • If your prospect gives you no’s but you’re certain that what you have to offer will help be honest and straightforward.  Sometimes a dose of reality that they aren’t getting the results they want because they aren’t open is exactly what they need to hear!
  • Do the bullet point above in a loving way, no need to come off bitchy or high and mighty.  We’re boss babes who know our value and know what we bring to the table, be assertive and confident.

Going the extra mile and being inquisitive with your customers will drive home your commitment to them even more.  It also shows that YOUR PRODUCT isn’t for EVERYONE.  If you’re talking to them and realize it’s not a good fit, then GREAT – offer another solution, recommendation and bless and release.

The time it takes to take your prospect through this step might be an extra 5 minutes to an extra session but it’s just going to sharpen your sales skills and make your business stand out even more.


Keep Shining,


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I look forward to seeing you in the group!

Brandi Daniels


I'm Brandi ~ social entrepreneur, speaker and mentor. My passion is helping women to gain the tools they need to succeed, in every area of their life. I love working with amazing women looking to change their lives and own their genius. Whether it's through network marketing, social media consulting, coaching or just grabbing a cup of coffee - I'm excited to get to know you!

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