Margie Pargie on Respect, Habits and Orgasmic Meditation

There is a saying from Aristotle that we are the sum of our actions, and therefore our habits make all the difference. This is true because we are a product of our habits. From waking up and brushing our teeth to getting aggravated at traffic we can’t control, we all have them and they define all of us.

We know the difficulties we face on a daily basis when a bad habit rears its ugly head. The impulse to yell in an argument, backstabbing a colleague for taking our due credit or lying to a loved one because we’re scared of how they will react to the truth.

These are the negative habits that we battle every day and prevent us from being a better entrepreneur, partner, colleague or person. An incredible entrepreneur who has learned to harness her habits in her relationships and funnel them into actionable steps is Aerial Yoga Goddess, Margie Pargie.

Margie is somebody who began her transformation from Hooters waitress to the leading expert in Aerial Yoga on the planet through creating incredible habits in both her social and business life. Margie shared with me her insight on how at only 28 years of age she rose to become a social media icon for both Yoga and young females and those habits that came with it.

Learn To Respect Yourself

Three years ago Margie was working as a waitress at Hooters a place where women are treated as sex objects and this culture is not only promoted but culturally sanctioned. We’re all familiar with the saying that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and Margie knew she needed to make a change to the people she was associating herself with.

Her partner at that time started exposing Margie to those who were practicing yoga who focused on caring for one another, respecting each other and prioritizing their own health. At this point, Margie made a shift in her attitude towards her own self-worth and value.

“I didn’t realize how bad my current situation was until I was exposed to other people who cared for themselves. I learned to respect myself and at that point, I started putting my energy out into the world to actively seek out what I wanted”, said Margie.

Margie began working under a Yoga teacher and never looked back. She began teaching classes and practicing daily which led her to explore aerial yoga.

The reflection of self-worth and value are a daily practice for Margie and a habit she says that changed her life and she now takes this practice into the people she associates herself with too.

Find Your Niche

Everybody has heard the advice that finding your niche is the right move but it needs to be repeated that you need to excel in one area to gain leverage over the competition. Margie started making yoga culture acceptable, fun and appealing to people at a young age.

“In 2014, I created a Facebook page that showed me doing yoga in a bikini at a time when it wasn’t what people thought yoga or even aerial yoga was. I was going out in taking pictures of me doing aerial yoga all around Sarasota, Florida in a bikini and people loved it.

What made this so unique was that no one else was doing aerial yoga at this time let alone on a tripod in a bikini at the beach,” said Margie.

By finding her niche Margie literally pioneered the popular yoga movement we see in younger audiences today. By doing this she established herself as the industry leader in aerial yoga because she was the first to be on the scene.

Margie now looks for niches in all areas of her life and credits this habit as one of the core components of her success.

Meditate to Excel

Meditation that is practiced by millions of people globally and it is used as a tool for clarity and purpose almost all top performers on the planet. Margie practices both Kundalini and Tantric yoga as a form of orgasmic meditation. This type of meditation creates an orgasm and is not just a physical orgasm, but far beyond it and has been described as a huge release of energy.

Margie tells me the practices are strongly linked to both the way we perceive ourselves and our sexuality. To the skeptics, this form of orgasmic yoga might just sound like a gimmick, but it actually stems from one of the oldest forms of yoga—Shakti yoga. Shakti refers to feminine energy and the Hindu goddess and the practice of sexuality as a core component of growth in a person.

This type of practice and meditation allowed Margie to connect with herself on a deeper level giving credence to both herself-worth and her relationships which flowed into her business.

Margie said “ I was able to break down my fear around previous relationships with men and women and this energy was channeled into my business life too and created the right kind of habits in my business.”

If you ever read about self-improvement many of us know that meditation is a core component of a number of people’s success. This is a daily habit that is practiced by millions and even if you’re not practicing orgasmic meditation, any form of meditation is a habit that is worth adopting on a daily basis.

The three components that Margie uses as her daily habits are ones that many of us can adopt at any point in our lives.

Knowing your true self worth is immeasurable and immensely powerful.

Knowing what you’re great at and what sets you apart from everybody else is what creates wealth and abundance.

Knowing that you can connect with yourself and others on a deep and spiritual level gives you clarity and success in all areas of your life.

If you want to emulate more of what Margie does you can connect with her coaching, aerial yoga and life practices here.

Kale Panoho

Kale Panoho is a digital marketer, personal trainer and growth hacker in the startup and health industry. His work has featured in the Huffington Post and John Lee Dumas's Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. He is using these experiences to work as a consultant with new and existing business and educating clients about body composition and nutrition. Check out more of his work:

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