Finding Grit After Heartbreak

Have you ever had a career heartbreak? I certainly have. In fact, just recently I was so discouraged by one minor setback, I almost gave up. This was it, I was done. For good. But one thing stopped me in my tracks, my dream.

My sweet, sweet dream. How could I leave it behind? How could I walk away now? After everything, I knew – I couldn’t. More so, I didn’t want to. Not truly.
But I did need a break, I was burnt out, still discouraged and certainly not myself. I needed to find my grit again. I needed to find myself.

Here’s how you can do it too:

1.) Make A List.

First, put everything down on paper. What happened? What went wrong? What went right? What could you change if you could? This list isn’t meant to be negative – it’s meant to help you refocus your goals.
Its meant to help you say, “Okay plan A didn’t work, here’s why. Now, what is plan B? Why is it going to work this time?”

2.) Write A Letter.

Maybe it’s time to write a letter to yourself, or maybe to that broken dream. But don’t send it. Keep it. Burn it. Let it go. Use this method as a way of healing. Use it to write away your feelings and bottled up emotions.

Here’s a letter similar to the one I wrote after a career heartbreak.

“It’s a small business, I’m not allowed to say this – but you hurt me. Oh, how you hurt me, in so many, many ways. However, my time with you wasn’t bad. In fact, up until the very end, it was the exact opposite. You believed in me. You made me feel worthy. Talented. Loved. You broke me – but you broke me into something better.”

3.) Wait.
It seems like a silly sentence – but you can’t rush patience. You can’t rush inspiration. You can’t rush the process of healing. But you can find yourself during this time of pain. With healing you can find grit after heartbreak. When I was going through this, I took longer walks, I hiked, I stared at art, I reconnected. For the first time in my life, at the age of 20, I started to find myself. By the end I knew it needed to happen. It did.

4.) Try & Try Again.

I know failing seems scary, trust me, I do. But this is the most rewarding step. When you can get back up after defeat – were you ever really defeated? Did you ever really fail? Not in my book you didn’t.

Keep going babes, you have this!
Hugs and kisses, Alyshia


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