5 Closet Essentials for The Modern Business Woman w. Celebrity Stylist, BYSLR

There comes a moment in time where every young lady has to hit the work force, whether you’re the CEO of your own company, or tackling the day shift in a fast paced office, we’ve all been there before. I’ll share with you all one of my biggest worries when I got my first job in an office. My eyes skimmed all the forms and paused when I tried to wrap my mind around the concept of the dress code known as ‘business casual.’ What does that even mean? How can I possibly do both, and still be me?


When I finally narrowed down the 5 staple pieces I needed to build my working girl wardrobe, it became less of a worry and a lot more fun. There are 5 items every lady needs in her closet that will help you to dress as you would like to be addressed. These pieces are special because they are so versatile, yet simple enough to create an effortless look. 

The Little Black Dress

Perfect for the office, paired with a cardigan or blazer (which is also one of the 5 pieces). The little black dress is every girls go-to, even for a night out. I always down for a night of drinks after a long day of paperwork –  That’s why this item is so powerful; Pair the dress with a blazer for in the office, remove the blazer and add an accessory, and a bold lip for some evening drinks after a long day.


The Black Blazer

I’ll admit it took me a little longer to love this item. Blazers are mature, structured, sophisticated, I didn’t like the feeling of being to held up. Truth is, I just didn’t own the right one. It took me awhile to find a blazer that fit me just right, gave me enough room to more around, and fall at the perfect place. Once I did purchase a blazer I loved, it quickly became an item that I would always reach for. I always keep one at my desk in the office. Perfect for a chilly winter night in the office and can literally be paired with anything. 


The Perfect Pump-

When I refer to the perfect pump, I really mean the most comfortable, cute pair you can find. If I had one tip for when purchasing shoes, always go with comfort. I know, I know, the cutest shoes are usually the most uncomfortable that’s why we keep it simple. Black and nude are two colors every lady should own, with a nice heel height that works for you both in the day and night.   


Classic White Shirts

My guilty pleasures, you can never ever have too many! White t-shirts are the epitome of versatility and can be worn with trousers, skirts, denim, etc. They go awesome under blazers and always look clean and sharp. The white button down is also a need, it serves the same purpose for looks that are more dressy, but work well with a pair of jeans and your ‘perfect pump.’


Dark Denim Jeans

I make reference to dark denim only, because we all know that business casual doesn’t quite mean jeans, more specifically distressed jeans, light jeans, etc. If you’re lucky you can find a pair of denim dark enough that they could almost pass for a pair of black pants (which is totally different). Dark denim is a lot more versatile, easy to dress up and down, perfectly paired with a blazer and or a white button down shirt, or for a more casual vibe, switch the button down out for a simple white t-shirt.

Business casual doesn’t have to mean basic.

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Guest Contributor: Sheraine Robinson



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