5 Ways to Do A Better Time Management

Time is the most sensitive asset that we have but we can’t have it back.

Once spent, you cannot recover it. That’s why it’s so important to have a very good awareness of time spent in each and every activity that envolves a business.

If you are just starting you know you need to do everything – marketing, sales, finance, operations, customer service, personal branding. It’s your idea, your effort, your resources, your life that’s on the line and you only have 24 hours per day to make it come true.

Time management is essential and repeated time after time as a strategy entrepreneurs use to get better and faster results. But time management is more than just Do-The-Essential-Leave-The-Accessory-Behind mentality.

Here are some key practical strategies you can use to have a better time management in your business:


Go online

Notebooks and journaling are very helpful in bringing creativity and efficient ideas to life. But you are going to deal with lots of information that you just cannot keep in papel. Your smartphone and the web are excellent tools to keep you updated. Use cloud options to always have access to multiple files and use apps like Evernote for your ideas, to-do lists, communication plans. Its synchronization option will let you work outside and at home, from smartphone to desktop. Integrate your business in online solution to work everywhere every time.


If you have a brand that needs to develop its social media presence, you will need to use a good app for scheduling your posts. You won’t have the time to always be updating everything by the hour so schedule everything beforehand. Use a specific time and day of the week to prepare your week and edit every picture or blog post for the next. This intensive preparation will leave you more time during the week to measure results and find time to do other things.

Forget Multitasking

You may think you are doing better multitasking but you are not. Every task you start please finish. If you need 20 minutes to write a long email, just do it. If you are going to change the song on Spotify, or look at social media notifications, it will take you more time and you will be less productive. Focus in finishing each task and you will accomplish more each week.

Upgrade your Lists

A To-Do List is a simple way to keep on track of every task you need to do weekly. It helps you in terms of organization and productivity. However, to-do lists can be crazy as you check your inbox and you add more items to your list. In order to be focused, upgrade your To Do List game: do a Priorities List. Divide priorities per day and dedicate your most productive time in tackle them. An extra tip – start with the most difficult tasks that will consume more time. Once you have done them, the rest will seem easy and your self-confident will be through the roof!


There are three keys for success: preparation, preparation and preparation. Every day at night think about your performance and never be satisfied with the results. You did somethings good, for sure, but there’s always room to improve and be better. Before going to bed, check your plan for the next day and see what needs to be adjusted. Leave your bag, your clothes and your breakfast prepared. You will have a calm morning routine that will be key to set the pace of your productive day.


What are your strategies to get everything done on a weekly basis?

Rita Amaral

Rita is the Founder of ERREGRANDE.PT, the go-to portuguese platform for young powerful millennial woman. She creates content about business, motivation, careers, money and more. When she's not obsessing with personal development and online courses, she likes to swim in the mornings, have lunch by the beach and read books while drinking tea. Her goal is to show young women that with ambitions, focus and creativity, they can make it rain every day!

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