5 Ways to Boost Productivity

Being productive is something that all #BOSSBABES crave, and we all know that working smarter, not harder goes a long way. But sometimes we are guilty of doing things that are counterproductive to the goals we are determined to achieve. Productivity is discussed a lot in the business world, and working harder definitely, has its limits. I’ve written 5 ways to boost productivity in an effort to help you become more of the business queen you already are!

5 Ways to Boost Productivity:

1. DON’T start your day with coffee.

OKAY– I can hear my friends now. “What?! Kat wrote WHAT?!”.
Before stepping into full entrepreneurship, I worked in the coffee industry. Ingrained in my morning routine, coffee was the first thing I consumed on a daily basis for years.
Although this liquid gold tastes amazing and makes you feel like a princess, it’s also dehydrating and can affect your cortisol levels in a negative way when consumed shortly after waking.

Instead of getting heavily caffeinated first thing every morning, try a green drink! Don’t like them? There’s Kombucha, Chia Drinks, Ginseng. The list goes on. There are better ways to get your energy fix and get your brain on the right track in the early AM. Your body will thank you for it, and your A-game will be strong.

2. Set alarms.

This past summer, I decided to challenge myself and really push myself to my limits. I wrote a book in 30 days, taught myself French, began learning Korean, and launched a t-shirt company. As a one-woman operation, that is A LOT to have mapped out. Especially when you factor in being a single mother of two school-aged children, extracurricular activities, etc. It’s a lot to take on, and there are so many goals set to achieve. How did I do it? ALARMS.

That’s right my friends! Those little things that wake you in the early morning hours with their incessant beeping? I use them for almost everything. Why?… Well, why not?!
Say you set a goal of writing an article a day, but every time you sit down to write your mind goes blank and you can’t manage to get the words out of your mind and onto paper. Use an alarm to break it down! Maybe you always spend your lunch break sitting down and watching Netflix or doing some other monotonous non-work thing. Set an alarm to remind yourself to write. Even if it’s only two sentences. You just need to get the words flowing! This can be applied to almost any task.

Maybe you would like to teach yourself a foreign language. You arrive at work early every day and have 30 minutes to spare. SET AN ALARM to remind yourself to get on your Drops app and do a free 5-minute lesson!

Using alarms in this manner has helped me better manage my time, and it also helped me establish a routine when it came to working on my goals. This way I am working daily to achieve smaller goals that I’ve set for myself. In turn, I am more productive. This definitely isn’t for everyone, but for those with the eccentric mind and a bad case of wanderlust- this will help a lot.

3. Remove distractions

Get rid of things that distract you. Turn off your notifications.
Make sure your friends/family and peers know what blocks of time you’ve dedicated as YOUR time to work on your business or furthering whatever goal you have.
This is important, and sometimes a hard step in being more productive.
You have to be able to really focus on what you want to do.


4. Planning.

Content planning: Weekly goals -> Monthly goals.
Choose a time to sit down and write it all out.
There are tons of free resources out there for help with content mapping! (Search ‘content planning’ on Pinterest. You’re welcome! 😉 )

There are also TONS of apps, free to use, to help with posting your content.
Some of these apps even allow you to upload your content and then set a day and time for it to be published to your social networks.

Content planning is Bae.

5. Remember to TAKE BREAKS.

K, y’all. I’m one of those. Once I have decided to do something, it’s like I can’t stop until the task is complete. I know there are a lot of people who are like that. S/O to Workaholics Anonymous!
The thing is that we are human and we have to allow ourselves to be humans. That means we need to give our brains a rest, recoup, and then come back and do more work.

As an entrepreneur, sometimes it really is hard for me to set boundaries with myself. There are so many things to explore, read, see, and learn about. As I grow in my journey as an entrepreneur, the most important thing I’ve learned thus far is putting myself first. I can’t achieve my goals if I’m ‘too tired’. Additionally, lots of us have worked in high paced corporate environments. Even if you aren’t coming from an extremely fast-paced corporate management position, even if it’s just Retail Management or Retail… it’s still stressful.

The goal is to slow our brains down so that they can function better. Breaks work.
I mean actual breaks. No cheating! (IE: “I’m taking a break”- *sits on couch and decides to try and write another piece on the struggles of entrepreneurship* )

Stop it. Take a break!

Katheryn Lisa


Katheryn Lisa is a Mompreneur and #BOSSBABE writer who broke out of the corporate '9 to 5' and is living life on her own terms. Katheryn Lisa is passionate about personal development and dedicated to connecting, inspiring, and motivating other female entrepreneurs in digital entrepreneurship. Katheryn Lisa recently launched an apparel and accessories line specifically for female entrepreneurs. Katheryn Lisa is calling all Unicorns, Goddesses, Wandresses, to come join her tribe of amazing girl bosses. #TheFutureIsFemale Follow her on Instagram: @katherynlisa, @hustlenheartco

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