5 ways I Regained My Confidence And How You Can Too


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Confidence is hard to gain and maintain these days. We start at a young age being told how to act, what to wear, and what to look like. Social media makes it even more difficult in this day in age. We are constantly bombarded with the ideal image and lifestyle that we should have. It is hard to feel like you are good enough in a world that makes it seem like you aren’t. For the longest time I struggled with not feeling good enough. After a while it became so draining. I wanted to be happy with who I was and how I carried myself. I looked back to when the last time it was that I felt care-free, happy, and had confidence. I realized that it have been before my high school days. I knew I deserved to feel good about myself again, so I sat down and made a game plan. There were 5 ways I regained my confidence and found my way back to the confident girl I used to be.

1. I Figured Out What Was Dragging Me Down:

Make a list of things that are toxic in your life and ditch them. Maybe it is a friend that always makes you feel bad about your decisions, a job that you dread going to, or relationship with a partner that’s not working. Get clear on what it is that is dragging you down and making you feel bad about yourself. After you are aware of what that is, you need to make a plan of action. How will you intend on releasing these toxic things or people from your life? It is truly liberating once you do. You are showing yourself that you deserve better. You are also making room for positivity to flow into your life.


2. I Did The Things I Love To Do:

You are showing yourself love when you make time to do the things you love to do. By doing this you are boosting your self-confidence. When you aren’t taking time to do the things you enjoy, you are going through life deprived. This may seem hard to do since we are always trying to tend to our families, pets, and busy work schedules. Start scheduling time for yourself and the activities you enjoy doing. Take out your calendar or set reminders on your phone for when you are supposed to take that time. It is tougher to put it off and put it on the back burner if it seems like an appointment. Make a list of things you enjoy doing and start incorporating them in your week.

A Few Things I Love Incorporating Into My Week:

  • Getting in a good sweat session. Not only does working out keep me in shape, but it is great for tackling my stress and anxiety.
  • Going on a walk with my pup and a cup of coffee in hand. It has been said that animals are very therapeutic, give us happiness, and give us unconditional love. I can definitely vouch for that!
  • Sitting down and reading a couple chapters of a book. I always appreciate a good read. Reading gets me out of my head and brings me into another world.
  • Spending time with loved ones. This can be a movie night, a BBQ or a fancy night on the town. You can never spend enough time with the people you love.
  • Getting outdoors. Being a girl from Minnesota, my adoration for outdoors is enormous. Outdoor activities gives me a moment to step away from technology and take in the world’s peacefulness.
  • Listening to comedy. I do this in my car, on a walk, or even at work.Who doesn’t like a good laugh?

 3. I Played The Part Of A Person With Confidence:

I thought about all the people that seemed like they were confident with themselves. I admired their kindness, happiness, and giddy, bubbly personalities. They all seemed at peace with themselves. I took all the qualities that I admired about these people and decided to integrate those specific qualities into the way I carried myself. After a while of playing the part of a confident person, I actually ended up feeling confident in my own way.

4. I Spent Time Writing:

Writing  gives me a chance to get in tune with how I am feeling. I am able to analyze, grasp, and clarify my thoughts without worry about being wrong or right. Writing is cheap therapy and allows me to have an honest relationship with myself.

5. I Decided To Have Gratitude Towards My Past:

I think we tend to relive the mistakes or negative events from the past. It can be extremely hard to forgive ourselves or even others. Holding onto that negative energy is only hurting you from moving on and becoming the best version of yourself. I changed my perspective to let go of that negativity energy that I held within.  I stopped looking at my mistakes as faults. I started to look at my mistakes as stepping stones. Without them I would have never wanted to push myself to become a better and more confident version of myself.

In the End:

I have realized that having confidence isn’t something that comes to us over night. You must feed your confidence every day through self- love, patience, and acceptance.  Every day that I feed my confidence it gets stronger. I find myself treating others with grace, grabbing up opportunities when I see them, living life as my authentic self, and doing things that I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of doing before. I became unstoppable again.

positive, happy, confidence How do you show yourself love and feed your self-confidence?

Heather Beard

Heather is a northern soul from Minnesota. She is employed by a driver's education school, a full time student, and enjoys writing in her spare time. Heather loves spending time with her loved ones, her four-legged dog child, cracking open a book along with a glass of wine and being outdoors. You can expect advice from her on self-love, lifestyle tips, college life, entrepreneurship, and much more! It is her goal to spread motivation and positivity to her readers.


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