5 Ways To Be Recognised as a Stand Out Leader In Your Field

How can you be recognised as a stand out leader in your field?


It’s something I get asked all of the time when awesome female entrepreneurs come to coach with me.


Stand Out Leader

There’s a few things I would recommend:


  1. Get clear on your voice


Who is it you are speaking to, and who do you care about? As a leader you have an opportunity to create an influence and to shift mindsets through your work. People need to hear what you have to say and for this to be possible you have to own your story, take  stand for what you believe in and say it loud and proud!


Set aside some time to consider this for yourself and your brand – it’s something so important and foundational that you’ll be recognised for, so it’s important to get it right.


  1. Share your titles and credentials


How can you position yourself so you show authority and credibility? For me it meant starting to use the term “positive psychologist” which I had previously been scared to share. I thought nobody would understand what it meant and so I tried to look for something else I could be instead!


When I really started owning my worth and standing in my power as a leader, exactly the right clients became attracted to me, and I could be proud about who I am.


  1. Appear on podcasts


Influencers are always looking for people to interview on their podcast. If you have something to say (which you definitely do, because you just got clear on your voice in step 1 here) then you will be given a platform from which to share it.


It’s a huge misconception that you need to be at a certain level of success before you appear on a podcast – get started before you are ready and I promise it will elevate your brand, your credibility… and it’s a whole lot of fun too.


  1. Write a book


It’s a big one, but it’s also something that provides huge credibility and leverage! Writing a book immediately positions you as an expert. Now you may choose to publish, or self publish, but either way, condensing your teachings and story into the pages of a book is a sure fire way to stand out.


My book has been a 2 year journey already and it has been both the most challenging and the most fulfilling thing ever.


  1. Look after the business as well as the brand


You might not have expected this one to be featured within this list, but it is so vitally important. For you to be recognised as a leader, you need to be successful financially, as well as celebrated in the media and on social as well. If you have a brand and a voice, but nothing to back it up, you’re missing 50% of the package.


A thought leader is someone who influences perspectives as well as being financially supported through doing so. Ensure you’re running a business, and selling something, as well as having that voice.


I led a Facebook live on this topic recently which you should definitely tune in to. You can watch the replay here.


With Gratitude,

Positive Psychologist MSc BSc CTLLS IPPA

Hay House Author

Success Coach for Awesome Female Entrepreneurs


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