5 Ways to Look Put Together In A Snap

Today’s world moves faster than it ever did in the past. Women today are doing it all. Working, running businesses, being wives and moms. Going to school, building careers. Ladies, we are doing it all. So sometimes, understandably, it can be hard to look your best. If you’re like me, sometimes when things get really hectic, you can even start to look your worst. And unfortunately, your outward appearance does matter. But not in the way you may think. It’s not about having a full face of makeup and designer clothes, but more about looking like the best version of your true self. You’ll find that putting your best foot forward and adding a little effort is just as good (if not better) than a full face of makeup and a Chanel suit. The trick is to have your mind in a good space. Everything else falls in line after that. Through the years I’ve figured out some tricks to stay looking pretty and presentable, even when I’m actually light years behind on my schedule. Here are my Top 5 ways to look put together in a snap!

1. Be Prepared

If you’re a true Boss Babe, you know your schedule already, and what needs to get done. This knowledge is power. And it’s all the power you need to get through it in one piece. If you know you have a busy week ahead, make plans to deal with all the frivolous, time consuming things that don’t need to be there. Do things like preparing outfits the night before. Making a lunch the night before. Have a little time right now? Go complete a task that’s easy to do. Save yourself the trouble later. Do whatever you have to do to prepare yourself for the busy times ahead.

2. Make Time for Yourself

Now that you know what needs to happen, carve out some time to make it happen. Yes, I’m talking about making sure to have some “me” time. It doesn’t have to be a lot (we are on a tight schedule as you know), but make sure it’s there. Let it be ten or fifteen minutes or so. Even having a second to yourself to do a little reflection, or meditation can make a big difference in getting you in the mindset to take on a less than perfect day. And once you’re all calm and composed, use the rest of that time to tackle the hair, the makeup and fashion choices of the day.

3. The Hair

Of course, this will vary from person to person. I know people who seem to never have bad hair days. If you are one of these people. Feel free to skip down to #4. However, I am not one of these people, I am the opposite. At this point in life, I know how to do my hair, but it takes a lot of maintenance. When I don’t have time for that, I go straight my go-to hair style. We all have one of these. Even if it’s just a simple ponytail, or a bun. Don’t waste time fighting. If you know its not your day in the hair department, go to that style that gets you out the door, and looking good in a flash. One that I’ve found works for most people is a low ponytail/bun, or some variation.

4. The Makeup

Again, this varies for different people. And that’s totally cool! If you like to go bare faced, and you’re cool like that, no worries. But me, I personally like a little bit of something on my face when my skin is not looking it’s best. Since we’re in a bit of a rush, I’ll tell you my little secret for achieving looking like you put in maximum effort when it’s really quite the opposite. You want to hit the most important parts. Of course you can swap out or omit as you see fit. Concealer, BBcream, Mascara and a lippie. Its as simple as that on most of my days! And a little bit of practice makes perfect. Browse YouTube for some quick beauty routines if you feel a little lost on this and you’ll be okay.

5. The Fashion

One more time, this will be different for everyone. Refer to #1 about preparing the night before so you don’t have to deal with a fashion show every morning. If somehow, you didn’t manage to get an outfit from the night before, here is a winning formula that works (almost) every time, no matter where you work, or what activity you have to do. A white button down blouse + a pair of tailored suit pants (black or navy) + either flats or a comfortable pair of heels. This will always equal looking well put together. As always, you can add, subtract or substitute anything you like, including accessories, etc. But this looks good on almost everyone and it is both comfortable and stylish.

And those are my 5 ways to look put together in a snap! Hopefully this article will come to mind the next time you’re staring a crazy day/week in the face, and you’ll be rest assured that it may not be going well, but you’re going to come through looking fab! Now go ahead and conquer the world. And be sure to share this post with other Boss Babes who’d enjoy it!

Marisa Johnson

Beauty Blogger and Aspiring Business Maven

Marisa Johnson is a full time medical student with a creativity streak satisfied through her immersion the world of blogging and video creation. In between reading medical textbooks, blogging about beauty, and creating video content for youtube, she is also getting in on the business world, building her brand in the blog and youtube communities. She aspires to inspire women in business and medicine to be motivated and take charge of their own dreams, to make them reality.


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