6 Things I Learned About Dating My Fears

Fear, that imaginary made up thing that we all have. Others call it false expectations appearing real. So I took fear on a date and here are the top 10 things I learned about it

Really-False Expectations

Fear is all but expectations gone wrong. We think that the outcome of something should be a certain way and through experiences, we learn what’s good or bad about a certain events or situations. If you go into anything without having expectations then you won’t have the same relationship with fear.

If You Fail No One Knows

Those who are afraid of failure, don’t worry there’s something for you too. Guess what? No one knows you failed but you. One time I was slated to speak on stage with over 100+ people in the audience. I was well prepared and when I started to click away on stage, 40% of my slides never appeared on the screen. The presentation was cut short and in the end, people told me what a great presentation and that it was filled with so much information.

Motivational Buddy

Fear can motivate you to do better. If you’re afraid of being broke, you’d probably do anything in your power not to be right? So embrace it and enjoy the journey. Think of your fears as a motivational buddy, and the positive outcome as your superpower.

There’s A 50% Positive Outcome

Getting over fear is like training your muscles. When you’re experiencing shaky leg and sweaty palm syndrome. Remind yourself that there’s always a 50% chance that you’ll end up with something really great that will surprise you.

Learn From It

Your fears are there for a reason, learn from it. Understand your fears and then find a solution. It’s no good for you to sit and have tea with your fears, wallowing doesn’t equate to progress. So make a plan, take a step even if it’s a baby step.

You’re Not Alone

I know your fears are personal and you’re the only one who has to go through it. Rest assured that out of the entire global population there will probably be others who have the same fears as you. So you’re never alone.

Never use your fears as a clutch to not making progress. Imagine what would happen if you did one thing that you were afraid of and in the end, something really amazing happened? Then it will no longer be fear but a brand new wonderful experience or emotion.


Connie Chi

Founder & CEO

Connie Chi is the Founder and CEO of The Chi Group, a brand agency humanizing brands to better engage and evoke curiosity within the world. She is an avid champion for anything Vegan, proud mom of a 6 year old furbaby, host of The Brand Academy Podcast and has an extreme passion for branding. Join The Chi Group on Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe to The Brand Academy Podcast on iTunes/Google Play.

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