Can I have a serve of Self Love with those fries?

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In a fast pace world, we want things right here, right now.

Everything is conveniently at our fingers tips. But, when it comes to working on ourselves if it is a quick fix we are after you may be disappointed.

Self development, in my opinion is definitely not a quick fix kind of thing. It is a daily discovery of what works and what doesn’t work for each person.
Finding tools that we can integrate into our lives and honouring the process.

But, don’t let that dampen your spirits, if I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. Because I am so much more fulfilled living this life, as you will be too.

I’m a spiritual life coach. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be the vessel for delivering messages to people who are drawn to see me. And I know I am worthy for this and every other amazing thing good and bad that will pop up on this journey called life.

I have committed to living the most authentic life as the truest version of myself. Not without its ups and downs, tears and full blown adult tantrums.

“You’re always one decision away, from a totally different life.”

When I finally said enough is enough there has got to be a better way to live. I am going to show up for me, and my life. Que practical tools, that helped me crack myself open at the start of my journey?

In honour of our fast paced lives and the right here, right now vibes here are my top 5 tips when you are starting your self development journey.

1. Journal, start with your childhood and work your way to the present.
What happened to create the beliefs that you have that no longer serve you as an adult?

2. Be kind to yourself on your journey. If it was easy we would all be doing it.
So go you.

3. Commit to your development, write up a contract to yourself and sign it. Show up for you.

4. Enroll your loved ones and let them know “Hey, I’m working through some stuff show me a little love.”

5. If you feel yourself going backwards, remember that there are lessons in the negatives too.

The negatives will always show up. They are for you too, to redirect.

Be kind, show you’re gorgeous self compassion, love, and understanding your ego will want to tell you that you can’t. Trust. We came from love and we all have it inside of us to get back to that love.


Clair is a Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach and Louise Hay Heal your Life Teacher. Clair uses all her "Clair's" to provide a spiritual reading that provides guidance and clarification from the most authentic space. Her Coaching Sessions and Workshops are empowering women to Love Yo'self! By working through our blocks and limiting beliefs and conditioning, that no longer serve us. With loving guidance Clair shares self love tools and introduces them so that people can start to live their truth and to come from love on a daily basis. And in turn creates a new style of thinking with endless possibilities.

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