Top 10 Travel Essentials

Jobs fill our pockets, but travel fills our soul…”

Travelling to different places, emersing yourself in the culture, the people, the food of those places, are one of the ultimate joys and adventures in life.

But…be it far away or closer to home, the trip itself, more specifically the packing, can be stressful. I spend a fair amount of time in the skies and so the novelty of flying has long since passed for me, and I really do dread the flights themselves. Sitting in a confined space with little movement allowed, is not my idea of fun, but we do what we must right? Arriving at your destination makes it all worth while though. I have compiled a list of my top 10 essential things that I advise you must take with you on your trip /vacation. I haven’t mentioned makeup, shoes, handbags for every outfit &&& as these are a given, non negotiable items and therefore goes without saying so please do not leave those behind 😜

Let’s get packing…

1. Eye Mask (and some plugs)

I find getting some shut eye on the plane, helps to pass the time and improve your mood on landing. Planes can be noisy, and a bit difficult to get sleep on especially if you have a noisy/talkative neighbor, or the reading lights are on for those bookworms and workaholics on board etc, so a cute (usually satin and/or pink for me), eye mask and a set of earplugs are a must for me.

2. Passport to Freedom

Losing your passport in some far away land, will quickly turn your dream holiday into an absolute nightmare. So my travel Rule #02 would be to, first and foremost, keep your passport close to you so don’t need a backup, however should you find yourself in this situation, carry copies of your passport with you on your trip (I would also recommend emailing a copy to yourself), so that it will be so much easier to get back home.

3. Snacking around the world

Now you may read this and be asking yourself “why is she adding snacks as an important add on to packing ??” Well, firstly, I love food so my mind always seems to wander in that direction all the time but there is also a very practical reason. Sometimes the places we visit just do not have great food and/or snacks and carrying a taste of home is just what you need. The cost of room service /mini bars can be astronomical and can end up costing you a small fortune. Having the snacks that you enjoy, on hand, for those times when you really need it, can be such a lifesaver. Personally I love packs of peanuts & raisins, vegetable crisps, mini packs of my favorites cookies and I also love the “hug in a mug” sachets. All of these make fantastic on the go snacks. What’s yours?

4. The aches and pains of Travelling

Whatever the cause, nothing ruins a perfectly good (vacay) day, than a headache. And if you’re on a plane, or in an unfamiliar place, far from a pharmacy, you could be in for an unnecessarily painful time. I carry a pack of headache tablets with me wherever I go. You should definitely pack these on vacation, especially with all those margaritas (& subsequent hangovers) you will have😉

5. Take care of those pearly whites

Toothpaste, you would think, would be one of the first things packed and never forgotten, however I found when interviewing others as well as from my own personal experience, it is more often than not, one of the most forgotten items when packing. Why aren’t these readily available in most hotel rooms, anyway? It should be, am I right? But rather frustratingly , many times these aren’t available and while you can go without many things, toothpaste is not one of them. So a gently reminder from me to you…DO NOT FORGET THE TOOTHPASTE 😜

6. Messy hair does care

i don’t know about you, but for me, washing my hair seems like a tiring, long, drawn out process. When on vacation, the last thing anybody wants to do is wash, dry and style their hair. But… You also don’t want to be exploring beautiful new lands with messy, oil soaked hair. The answer?…dry shampoo!! This is a must in your travel pack, as it cuts down the number of times you have to spend attending to your hair, leaving you much more time to do more important things…like sipping martinis, on the beach😛

7. I’m no Germaphobe but…..

im really not a Germaphobe however I do like everything cleaner than probably the average person, which unfortunately can make Travelling uncomfortable sometimes. Wet wipes and sanitizer will be your life saver especially in bathrooms, gyms, on the plane itself etc, in foreign places. Trust me on this..

8. Slow-N-Go Portable Luggage System

I heard about these and being horrendous at packing (you would think by now I’d be expert at it🙈), In seeing these, I was obsessed and immediately had to get one for myself. I just have 2 words to describe these – “life changing”! These 3 tiered portable shelving and travel organizers come with steel hooks to hang up, and keep clothing tidy and pressed during travel. They impressively have a compartment for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING ) – shoes, underwear, dirty laundry and of course, your clothing. I love that it keeps your clothing crease free so you never have to worry about ironing on vacation. All you need to do is open your bag, lift the organizer upwards from your bag and hang in the hotel cupboard. There is no unpacking, sorting etc.

9. Power up

For me, there are very few things that terrify me more than my cell phone dying on me 😅 Except….my cell phone dying on me in another country or while traveling. This little miracle device, the powerbank, is fantastic to solve all of these problems. Make sure to fully charge your power bank and carry with you, and you will be good to go.

10. Puppy Love

Everybody knows by now that I am simply and totally besotted with my dog, my little fur baby, Enzo. Leaving him to go anywhere, breaks my heart every time. When it’s not a business trip and you’re on vacation, especially if it’s not too far away and you’re road tripping there, taking your little furry kids along is the best thing ever. The actual trip itself, however, can be dicey, to say the least. Fur babies can get irritable and niggly in the car. I found these Car Seat Protective Day Hammocks from Absolute Pets and they really do help calm Enzo down and simultaneously protect the car seat from all the damage those sharp claws could do. Enzo, like his mum, is a snacker, so I am sure so pack all his favorite treats for the road. He goes absolutely bonkers for the iced biscuits from Probono, and the peanut butter iced bites (cookies) from Cuthberts, I also take a few dental sticks which are great to clean their teeth, peanut butter which, as any dog lover /parent will tell you, is their number one favorite treat/flavor and pupcorn (which is popcorn for the furry ones)☺️ Be sure to also get and pack a water bottle preferably with a lid that doubles as a bowl for them to easily drink from and an extra blanket. Of course, a few of their favorite toys to keep them occupied doesn’t hurt either.

And there you have it, my top tips and ideas for vacation packing. These have helped me and I hope that they will make your packing and vacation all the more pleasant.

I wish you and your family the best during the festive period and new year. May you be happy, healthy and extra tanned to take on 2018 😉

Happy Holidays My Loves

Arita 💋💋

Arita Bagwandin CEO, Magazine Editor, Social Media Personality, Blogger
Arita Bagwandin
CEO, Magazine Editor, Social Media Personality, Blogger
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