Accelerate Profitable Business Growth

So, you threw your hands up like Pitbull in Danza Kuduro’s music video and decided to quit your 9-to-5 job. Now, what? It’s time to accelerate profitable business growth.


The optimism and euphoria of starting your first lifestyle business burst through your veins, producing loads of adrenaline.

And the liberation you felt when you first handed in that pink slip to your boss and said “hasta la vista, baby!” dissipated as you dove into figuring out all of the details of running your dream business — to create a life you love.


You created a logo, built a semi-decent website,  and perhaps reached out to some folks who would help promote. You were “white knuckling” it with the hope that if you built it, the clients would come. And then you started to experience anxiety, denial, fear, desperation, and panic when you weren’t attracting any customers, and your business was at a whopping ZILCH. And if money isn’t here, you’re sunk.

There’s a growing number of Americans quitting their jobs, and over 60 percent of Millennials want to be entrepreneurs today but, not all will last.

accelerate business growth

To help increase your chance of success, you need to get clear on a few things:

1) What are the top three reasons you are in business: Unravel your why.

My big why is very similar to William Wallace’s why in the movie, Braveheart. It’s one word, two syllables — Freedom.  In fact, six months after I started my entrepreneurial endeavor, I was contacted by a recruiter of a Fortune 500 Company who wanted me to apply for a managerial position followed by a high salary. It was tough because cash flow was low and I had to resort back to my big why.


I could have put fear over faith and chose to go back to the traditional route but, my why was big enough to see through adversity and stick to it. What will you do with the freedom? Will you fight or give up when tough times hit?

“I want you to promise me you’re not gonna stop this fight, no matter what. No matter what!” Rocky IV (1985)


2) Who are the people that you get excited to work with or buy your products?

Don’t just provide services or products to every type of client under the sun because this is not the most sustainable business strategy. Only work with customers who you love so, that you may build relationships that endure over the years. When you do, it’s fun, it’s in line with what you are doing, and you are building relationship capital.

3) Why does it matter for these people to work with you and vice versa?

When you solve your customer’s problem from your first product, you can formulate other products that will address their needs. Once you realize this, you will stop treading water and build a solid foundation that has unlimited growth potential, not only in the sense of dollars accumulated but, in the number of people you can serve through what you do.

You will learn that after investing thousands of dollars in a mentor, that these are the main three questions they will ask. So, save yourself some time and get clear first on your why, ideal clientele, and then hire a mentor who has executed what you desire so, that you can work on implementing proven strategies, processes, and systems in your business to accelerate profitable business growth.

Danielle Gomez


Danielle Gomez is an award-winning producer that co-created Inspired By 11 – a 93-minute feature length film for entrepreneurs meant to inspire people to take massive action. She also runs a video production company, Serious Take Productions, and works with hungry entrepreneurs and established businesses all around the country. Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana she was obsessed with self-education and this Boss Babe learned after Hurricane Katrina when she lost everything that the only materialistic thing she cared about losing was –her journal.

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