How Achieve Flawless Skin with Mineral Foundation

The Steps To Follow To Achieving Flawless Skin

Whatever your skin needs are, we all just want that flawless look. Don’t we? I personally love nothing more than that natural glow for my makeup routine. I love when my skin looks dewy and healthy. I always get clients asking me if I’m even wearing makeup because my skin is so clear and fresh looking. (yay go me)

The reason why my skin looks so good is because I look after it. Not with expensive creams and masks either! Honest! I literally just make sure that my BB cream and foundation has good SPF protection in it. I exfoliate twice a week so I’m getting rid of any dead skin too! This gaurantees perfect, healthy looking skin.

If you struggle to get that perfect, flawless foundation application, then read my must know beauty tricks below!


First of all you need to moisturise your face with your preferred skincare products. This his the first step to achieving a flawless application. I actually just use a wee drop of coconut oil! It makes my skin super smooth and radiant, plus it’s soooo cheap! Leave to soak into the skin for a minute or two, please do note that your skin does need to be dry for your mineral foundation application, otherwise the mineral powder may drag against the skin causing a blotchy uneven appearance. Not the look we’re going for ladies.

Before I apply my mineral foundation I always apply a very fine base of BB cream underneath. This acts as a wee primer. It also helps to blur any imperfections in the skin and colour corrects any uneven skin tone. BB creams are very nourishing so helps feed your skin with more goodness and nutrients as well as all the goodness from your moisturiser too.  My BB cream has SPF protection too. So it’s really protecting my skin. 
Even on cloudy and miserable days, you must still always use an SPF! SPFs are
n’t just for holidays abroad!

Heres my must have tips to follow:

  • Lightly shake the jar of mineral powder over the lid to catch the decanted product. Swirl your super kabuki brush into the powder, ensure you do not over load the brush with product though as this will be harder to blend and won’t give you a flawless look.
  • Make sure you tap off any excess product by tapping the brush handle on the back of the hand.
  • Using good circular motions you want to buff the powder into the skin, remembering to cover the eyes, nose, up to the hairline and right along the jaw and under the neck to make sure there’s none of those tell tale makeup lines! As that is not the definition of flawless skin!
  • Build the coverage up in layers! That’s what is perfect about mineral foundation… You can keep building and blending and it will NEVER feel or look thick!!



If mineral foundation really isn’t for you. Invest in a beauty blender. This is what makes liquid foundation flawless, apply with a foundation brush, buff into the skin then blend with the beauty blender. A beauty blender absorbs all the excess product so it doesn’t look cakey and unnatural.

Once you’re happy with your foundation application and you’ve made sure there’s no streaks, discolouration or ‘powdery areas’ (too much powder in certain areas) then you can carry on with completing and customising your look.

If you’d like to know how to select the right foundation shades for your skin tone, then let me know and I’ll help you with this next time.

Until next time though, keep creating Excellence.

Nic x

Nicola Couperthwaite

I am Nicola Couperthwaite, I own a beauty salon and training academy within the Scottish Borders, UK. I am a beauty expert and beauty educator. I am the GOLD winners of Beauty Salon of the Year and Beauty Therapist of the Year 2017, in The British Hair and Beauty Awards. I am also a complete chocoholic! Oh and i love cute babies and puppies too... but who doesn't right!? <3

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