Mastering An Attitude Of Gratitude

I get it, LIFE comes at you fast! It seems like as soon as you get in your groove…BAM (insert ALL the drama)!!! You finally land a great job and six months later the company downsizes. You meet a nice guy/girl and nine months later you couldn’t care less about them. You buy your first house and four years later you lose your job and face foreclosure. You start eating your fruits and veggies, go out and buy the cutest gym clothes, and suddenly you have high blood pressure. What gives? Sheesh! World STOP! No, seriously. STOP!

When life happens, we tend to default to feelings of sadness, bitterness, and anger. Oh, we become BIG mad. So mad that we get depressed and kick gratitude to the curb. How soon we forget just how blessed we are. This is the time when gratitude matters. This is when we must recognize our blessings, and waste less time being Bitter Betty and Negative Ned.

How To Master An Attitude Of Gratitude:

Journal your emotions (write it down).

Acknowledge and feel your feelings. Just don’t stay there.

Look around (imagine life through the lens of those less fortunate).

Tap into the things that bring you joy, peace, and happiness.

Connect with your spiritual guidance.

Count your blessings.

Be intentional about your gratefulness.

Remain humble.

Love yourself.

I understand how circumstances can easily rule over our emotions when life throws every obstacle our way, but try looking beyond them because difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Realize that a life of gratitude leads to a life of joy. While it isn’t always easy to have an attitude of gratitude, make it a priority to focus more on your blessings and gratefulness.

Cheers to living a life of gratitude. It’s contagious. Spread the wealth!

Tia W.

Tia is a coffee-loving, sweet tea drinking, dog lover who enjoys encouraging others beyond their fears and an advocate for self-love. Her wish is to reach the minds of those who are seeking their purpose, personal growth, and better ways to improve their lives by first loving themselves. Tia started Be Your Cup of Tea in January 2017 in hopes of inspiring others to live loved and purpose-filled.   Tia worked as a Professional Counselor and Social Worker up until 2014. After several years of layoffs, company downsizes, burnout, and obtaining two degrees, she decided to step out on faith and switch careers. She now works as a Technical Project Manager for a software company in Atlanta, GA. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, eating good food, shopping, listening to house music, and laughing until it hurts. You can usually find her spending time with her dog, shopping in Target, sitting on a Starbucks patio, or eating Tacos with friends. Follow Tia on Instagram @beyourcupoftea 

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