And Suddenly You Just Know It’s Time!

Suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.  With the new year just around the corner I am very excited to share some of my personal experiences from this last year and some of the great things coming up for the new year. New year new beginnings!

Not everything went as planned, but this was one absolutely amazing year that will be a chapter in my life I definitely grew a lot in all aspects of life.  I am grateful for each and every one of my experiences and the people I met throughout the year.

I am a big fan of personal development so I started my year off investing in myself.  I participated in a six month coaching program with one of my favorite mentors. We are trained at a very young age to think and do things a certain way.  These are called “paradigms.”  This program taught me how to change my paradigms.  Changing your paradigms does not happen over night.  It takes daily habits that we create. For example, if you get out of bed every morning at a time you are not content with, get up at a new time every single morning for thirty days. Create the habit on anything you want to change.  The program suggests to only work on one or two at a time. It is a simple mind shift.

I love to travel with family and friends and create memories. I have traveled this year for vacation and business.  Both trips were fabulous!  During vacation my family and I spent some great quality time at an amazing condo with fabulous accommodations. We made some pretty amazing memories.  My business trip was just as fun, listening to some of the most successful people from all over the world. I am so blessed and grateful for all these memories and time spent with family and friends and so many great people who touched my heart during these trips.

Relationships are very import to me.  Whether it be a friendship, an acquaintance or my relationship with my soul mate that I love with all my heart.  This year has been wonderful with all of my relationships.  I have made so many connections with great people.  I learn something from every person that crosses my path.  I see the best in everyone.  The best part of this year speaking of relationships certainly goes out to my soul mate. I am so blessed to have this man by my side.  He is my best friend and we have grown a lot together.  We have very big plans for our future that we are very excited about.  We are a team in all aspects of life, children and businesses.  We are very supportive of each other in anything we want to pursue.  We are a power couple! He makes me smile every single day I wake up next to him and every single night I fall asleep in his arms.


I love capturing moments and taking a lot of pictures.  A picture says a thousand words. With that being said this year I have done some photo shoots  with a photographer I have been working with for five years.  A lot of the photo shoots have taken place outside at beautiful places in the woods, near the water or on rooftops!  Being an entrepreneur and a mom of three beautiful children I have a very busy schedule that I would not change for the world. I consider photo time as “me time.”  I get to get dressed up in pretty dresses and wear my favorite sparkly stilettos and relax.  All I have to do is smile or have a serious facial expression which is hard for me because I am always smiling.  Grateful for days like these.


Business this year has been fabulous!  I have multiple revenue streams. I am loving every minute.  I am the CEO of my own life.  I am designing my life one day at a time. The more people who join me on my journey the more people I am able to help and lift higher. I am a role model for my children.  They are watching me and even doing some of the things I do.  They are following in mommy’s footsteps.

New year new me! My soul mate, best friend and partner in crime are looking forward to the new year!  We own 2018.  There is a huge vision board on the wall in our office that we write our goals on (even my little loves write their goals too).  Goals we will conquer this coming year.  There is a lot of new things we have up our sleeves that we are excited to share with all of you! Stay tuned!  Happy New Year!


These are just a few of my experiences this past year.  I could write a book if I told you all of them.  In short, live life and take care of YOU!  Be open to change as the world is changing every day.  If I have sparked your interest in taking part in personal development or even joining me on any of my journeys please reach out! Get ready for the magic of beginnings!

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