How to be Anxious AND Effective in Business


Shout Out To The Anxious Biz Babes Today

Trying To Make The World A Better Place

Battling against your sweet, anxious brain

I’m with you. I’m one of you.

While speaking with many good-hearted, impactful, soul-centred female entrepreneurs recently, I’ve heard similar complaints about feeling increasingly anxious lately:

“I’m in a state of near-constant panic that everyone I love is gonna die”

“I just wanna  spend 90% of my life in my bed, surrounded by dogs”

“I’m crying over…everything. And not delicate tears either, but sobbing my face off”

“I can’t sleep. My brain won’t stop”

“I’m legit questioning everything right now. Do I pack it all in?”

and, most prominently…

“I thought I’d already dealt with my anxiety”

WHHHYYYY is this happening and why are so many of us feeling more anxious right now?

Is it the moon?

Mercury Retrograde?

Is it this endless winter causing our blues?

Is it Trump’s fault? (probably, amiright?)

Do we need more self care? To disconnect more frequently. (definitely)

Whatever the reason so many sensitives find themselves overwhelmed these days, as someone who’s dealt with anxiety that was, for most of my adult-life undiagnosed, I’ve got some stuff to say, that I hope will be helpful.

I’m not going to call them hacks, because being who you came here to be, in spite of anxiety is never gonna be hack-worthy (not like that one about putting a Magic Eraser in your toilet and letting it do the cleaning for you).

This first one is the most important. If you can’t read anything past it, just read that one, kay, babe?
  1. Get Support. For real. Whomever you feel the most supported by. Whether it’s your medical doctor, your naturopathic doctor, an insightful therapist, meds, acupuncture, your guru, whatEVER. Remember that it’s fine to need who and what you need when you’re feeling more anxious.
  2. While we’re at it, DITCH the shame. It’s hard enough to work through heart-pounding-sweaty-paralysis without additionally f*cking with beating yourself about it
  3. Accept it. Similarly to ditching shame, if you’ve ever experienced a resurgence of old anxiety, you know that denial actually creates more tension around your tension. Being where you’re at is the only point of power you’ve got, sweets.
  4. Know when to hold ’em. Know what’s non-negotiable in your life and business and try your best to stick to it. For me, I’m always cool to show up for my 1:1 clients, to post daily content on socials, to get my kids off to school and feed them and cuddle my dogs. Maybe that’s just me. If showing up in your business f*cks with your sanity, see the next step
  5. Know when to fold ’em. There’s a time to push through (because you ultimately feel better post-push) and there’s a time to give in (because pushing leads to deeper burnout). Know thyself, babe.
  6. Be in the moment. Anxiety can take us so far into a bleak future that we can’t find any hope at all. As frequently as possible, I like to come back into the present moment reality (which is never as bad as my imagination, in those anxious moments). Right this second, my family are making pancakes and my cat is purring and the dog’s fur is soft and I love the way my keyboard feels under my fingers and everything is fine.
  7. Tap it out. EFT is one of those things that helps with my anxiety and I don’t really know or care why. There are a million tapping videos on youtube. I seriously recommend you try them
  8. Try to have faith in the light. It’s there, even if it’s obscured by a million clouds. it’s coming back. even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Try to have faith in the light.
  9. Know that you’re NOT alone. I guess that’s my main purpose in writing this today. I run a successful business, I have two gorgeous kids, a funny, hot, supportive husband, cute pets, and a lovely home. And, lately, I’ve been anxious af. It sucks, but it helps me to know that we’re all in this together and we’re all okay, even if we’re super not okay in this moment. You know?


I think, sometimes, that anxiety is the price that we pay to be sensitive, paying-attention people in this crazy world in which we live

At our best, we’re highly imaginative, empathetic, courageous humans and that’s what makes us effective as heart-centred business leaders. If you need to stop with all the incessant trying today, that’s okay, babe. Just, please don’t give up. Get help if you need it. Go ahead and hide under the covers for a day or two, and then eventually get back out there before you feel ready.

Just be sure to document your human experience because there is a ton of value in what you do and the world needs you to share your heart and your story.

I’m with you and I love you,

Er xo



Erin McDonald

International Transformational Coach + Head Babe in Charge at ClumsyGrace

Erin is an international life and business coach, obsessed with transformation - both her own, and that of her incredible clients. Also, tacos. When she's not coaching the funniest, most creative, purpose-filled, biggest-hearted-bad-asses on Planet Earth, she enjoys parenting her two hilarious kids and wife-ing it up with her rad husband. She considers herself a kitchen dance party enthusiast and is a self-proclaimed Whack-a-Mole Champion. She believes that most success comes from mindset, that coaching creates miracles, that relief is an underrated emotion, and that Harry Potter’s birthday should be a national holiday

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