Attracting more money and more clients.

Attracting more money and more clients.


In order to attract more clients and more money, you’ve got to be aligned with your gifts, talents, and skills. When you’re coaching with me, this is always my focus. But that’s only part of it, how do we get to the place of actually bringing in more clients and therefore more money?

Let me preface this by saying that I was this person that constantly stressed about my goals, my hustle, and more money. I was never fulfilled, always felt like I wasn’t doing enough in my biz, and woke up with the anxiety of it all every morning. And yep, you guessed it, I had money issues. It didn’t mean I was broke, but somewhere in my subconscious, I was.

Now I bring to you a few things I’ve learned that have helped me stress less, relax more and succeed in a way that I never thought possible. Let’s begin!



Attracting more money and more clients is all about being so crystal clear on who it is you are serving.  Who is this person? Where do they live? What do they do for a living, or wish they did? What verbiage do they use? Are you using your own language in posts or what your target market understands? These are all important points in knowing who you’re speaking to when posting your offers online, and then, of course, attracting them to you.

When you know who it is and what they want, then the rest of it can really flow a lot easier!  Truly, if you don’t get anything from this post but this – know what your customer wants.

When you know them well, your branding will align with their energy, your colors and fonts and everything in between. Don’t get stuck in the details, but let your mind be in this place of what this person is into and what they truly need and are searching for. Once you know that, then do some market research and see what people are saying. What verbiage are they using? This may all seem tedious, but I promise you when you are clear about this, then everything else goes in line so much easier!

And always, always, always whatever you are posting about, make sure you have in mind how you are helping them. Don’t think about your goals or targets. Keep that vibe in the box for now.  Serve them in your mind, your language and your vibe.

So, know your target market, speak their language and you’ll find them coming to you in droves asking for your service!


Attracting more money and more clients.


When it comes to attracting more money, it means offering more in terms of service to your people AND (this one’s gonna throw you Boss babes off) do less.  Yep, you heard me right. Do less. Less hustle, less stressing about the results and just plain honoring your awesomeness by taking care of yourself. We know that attracting what we want means being in a high vibe, so get there by not only doing the work that’s high vibe but also by doing fun things too. I hereby give you permission to binge watch Netflix in your jammies as part of your self-care. To take a salt bath every night as part of bringing in more of what you want. I know it’s a serious shift in thinking for a true hustler, but I promise it will work! I’ll be putting out a challenge in the next week on this so keep an eye out!

How can we serve our people more? Give, give, and give some more. Don’t worry so much about giving away too much because you can never do that. Your knowledge isn’t limited! And you should be sharpening that knowledge axe all the time. The more you give, the more they will benefit from your training and the more they are apt to buy from you. Step fully into being the expert! When we give with all our heart, the universe brings it back ten-fold. Stop the lack mindset and trust that when you’re in your true vibe of alignment, you’re happy and in your zone of genius. This is where the magic happens.

So to recap, take care of yourself by doing less hustling and more trusting. Also give more free content away and be in the energy of service. When it comes to money, don’t give it power over you. After all, it’s simply a tool to get stuff. Important life-giving stuff, yes it’s true but when we have this attachment to receiving it, the energy get’s really clingy. So let off the money attachment vibe a bit and be in the place of how it feels to be in the state of having it.

What does more money mean to you? What feeling does it bring about at your core? A feeling of love and security. Let’s remember its the love vibe. So get into the feeling of being lead in love instead of fear. Practice daydreaming what it feels like to be supported financially, and be in the feeling of it. Allowing yourself to feel what it’s like to be supported financially lets your subconscious mind think it’s true! And when that happens then the magic of co-creation happens. You will attract what you want. I mean, you can daydream right? I think we’re all good at that!


However, if you are constantly feeling stuck, not being able to find the flow, then it may be time to take a good look at exactly what you’re doing. It may need a little tweaking.  Find where you excel effortlessly, love doing and have a passion for. Your passion will always lead you to your purpose.


I hope this helped you to get into receiving mode today, as you deserve it, Boss Babe! Keep shining and never stop dreaming.


In love and light always,

Michelle Tegola

Women's Empowerment Coach, Work from Home Mama.

Michelle is a Mompreneur to 3 littles, Author, Motivational Speaker and Womens Empowerment Coach. She is passionate about empowering women to step into their greatness by embracing their unique personal stories, helping to transform their pain into their power. She coaches women one on one and in group programs online. As a Mom of 3 littles, she's all about the #realtalk on being a Mompreneur, how to position yourself in the online world and how to show up authentically. You'll find amazing tips on how to find your passion and true purpose. Follow on Instagram @bossbabemompreneur Subscribe and get empowered at

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