Kristin Blitch

Kristin’s full time gig allows her to be a Jill-of-all-trades with a focus in marketing. It also provides opportunities to brainstorm, communicate, encourage, and work with some of the brightest women on a daily basis-- she’s incredibly lucky. When not working, she’s continually checking the feeds of her social channels, combing blogs and sites for the latest and greatest business trends, reading (and listening) to books, catching up on pop culture, finding the next television show to binge watch, purchasing her next vinyl, and finding new and creative ways to feed the economy by wasting money on her dogs.

Social Distortion

How often have you overheard, or said yourself, “that’s a terrible picture of me! Please don’t post it!” We reside in a …


Celebrate Life

Real heroes do not wear capes– they walk around every day, facing fear, pain, and living to tell tales that most o…