How To Avoid Procrastination When Working From Home

One of the perks of being a #bossbabe is having the flexibility to work when you want as long as you meet your deadlines. We all know a millennial only needs a laptop and wifi connection to conquer the world, however, having the choice to work where you want can get a little tricky, especially if you lack discipline or if you don’t have a set work routine.
The hardest things I’ve had to face working from home was figuring out the best way to do it, what time of the day is most productive or if I should step out of the house in order to be accomplish more. Like many of my peers, my workplace of choice is at home wearing my favorite pajamas and a warm cup of coffee at hand. Don’t you just love being able to work in your comfiest clothes ever?!  I know. It all sounds great. Working from home in your comfiest attire should be ideal, but its not always as simple as it seems.
Getting up and running every morning can be a challenging when you don’t have any where to be. Just yourself and your ongoing list of daily tasks. Avoiding procrastination and jumping out of bed should be a bliss with these simple steps.

Set a working schedule

Although you are working from home and have no boss to report to, it is imperative that you set a schedule for yourself. This will not only help you in getting started every morning but it will also prevent you from over working yourself. Remember, only you know how large your work load is, so be mindful of how many hours per week you need to dedicate to grow your business. Its all about balance.

Get a planner/Agenda

Having a way to track what you have to do everyday will help you and in a way push you to get right to it. When you don’t know what you need to do, its easy to tell yourself “I’ll just do it later”. Start tracking what you need to do and set yourself timelines. Don’t just write down on your pretty planner and forget about it. Every morning when you first wake up, make yourself some tea and write down what you need to accomplish for the day. At the end of the day, go back and check off whats completed and add anything that needs to be done the next day. This will keep you on track and make it easier to meet deadlines.

Get up and get ready for the day

Not because we are working from home does it mean we need to stay in our cozy pajamas all day. I know, its amazing to work from bed in our favorite pajamas but in order to beat procrastination lets change it up a bit. Get ready for the day as if you are heading out. Make yourself some breakfast and get to work. Changing into something you like, for example, your favorite pair of jeans, a nice V neck and why not a pair of heels, will automatically make you feel good hence increase your productivity. Take a nice work selfie and get hustling.

Set up a working area

 It is also key to have a nice, organized and peaceful area to work. Set up a desk or little corner dedicated only for you and your work. Set it up in such way it helps you get inspired and motivated. Keep a note pad at hand, some color pens and post-it-notes. Make it comfortable, not too comfortable to put you to sleep, and I assure you you won’t want to leave your desk. Often times not having a physical space where you can work can make it hard for you to get things done.

Try the 5 second rule

Mel Robbins author of the 5 second rule has a genius way to get you up and going in just 5 seconds. It only takes 5 seconds for your mind to change its focus, so the next time you need to start something, whatever it is, think about the task, count 5.. 4…3…2..1… and DO IT!  You will be surprised how by counting backwards your mind switches gears and helps you get where you need be. So next time you are procrastinating and dragging try the 5 second rule.

Reward yourself

Set for yourself a reward system. Yes, we are not in kindergarten but motivating yourself with a little reward will make it more pleasant to stick to your “work” schedule. Maybe after a long day of work you deserved a hot bath or after a very productive week, a night out with the girls or some retail therapy. It is totally up to you, but set up a reward that will motivate and challenge you to get you working and leave laziness behind.

Avoid distractions

Identify what is stopping you from being creative and accomplishing your daily goals. Knowing what is distracting you will help you get on the right track. Social media, text messages and the tv among other things can get in the way of your creativity and productivity. Dedicate a set amount of time to the things that distract you and find positive distractions to get your creative juices going. Being productive doesn’t have to be boring.
A few simple steps can get you from “I don’t feel like doing it” to “lets tackle the day.” Stay focus and organize yourself. Get yourself accustom to following a little routine and your days will begin to run smoother. Small simple steps can make a huge difference.
Sofia McDowell

Sofi McDowell is a Certified Social Media Strategist and member of the Social Media Marketing Society, an expert of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals mainly in the Latino community, helping small and medium size companies reach their advertising goals. She is also an active monthly blogger for Nueva Latina Leaders, a platform where her well-informed articles provide a glimpse of what the Millennials have to offer to today’s business world. Currently she is the owner and president of Chicago Digital Media Marketing. a full advertising and Marketing agency focused in increasing online presence for all types of businesses. Follow me on Instagram: @ChicagoDMM

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