How to Banish Chapped Lips During Winter

Wave Goodbye to Chapped Lips In Winter

Chapped lips in the winter? Not a good look! In the winter the temperature changes are harsh on our bodies! We go from the artificial heat inside to blustery coldness outside, which can take its toll on our hair, skin, nails and lips! Leading our lips inparticular  to get incredibly dry and become chapped and sore.

So before you start storming to the shops to buy your lip balms to protect yourself from chapped lips, you’ve probably got the ingredients to make yourself a cheap and nasty free alternative from home! And the ingredients are probably already in your house!

Homemade Lip Scrub

First thing is first though. In order to take care of your chapped lips, you must first remove the excess dead skin that has built up in the first place! Sounds painful though, i bet you’re thinking? Nope! Wrong!

You can create a delightful wee scrub specifically for your lips that will leave them soft and supple, which isn’t sore to do either! You only want to exfoliate your lips just twice a week though! And nothing too vigorous either! You don’t want to strip the natural and very much essential oils in your lips as this can in fact increase the problem! So just be aware! Nice and easy girl!


Brown sugar for chapped lips


For your wee lip scrub all you need is a little plastic pot to keep your scrub in, you need some brown sugar (fine brown is best) vanilla extract and some honey! That’s it! Wallah!

Just mix your brown sugar, vanilla extract and a tiny blob of honey in! The honey will bind everything together into a lovely paste like consistency, that is perfect as a scrub for your lips! Pop into your tub with its lid and you can keep it with all your other beauty things!


Vanilla for chapped lips

Homemade Lip Balm

Once you’ve started to slough away all that dead skin off the lips with your scrub, you can then make yourself a little homemade lip balm too! How exciting!! Endless supplies of lip balm from now on!

So all you need for your lip balm is shea butter, coconut oil and vanilla extract! I love to pop one to two drops of sweet orange essential oil in my mixture and a dab of good quality cocoa! Then you’ve got yourself a GORGEOUS chocolate orange lip balm! You could mix it up and pop in peppermint oil for a beautiful mentholated fresh balm!

Once you’ve made your mixture, pop into your wee tub with the lid and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to harden up! And there you have it! Your very own lip balm!

Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re tight for cash for this Christmas you could buy some cute little tubs, make a big batch and make some lip scrub and balms for your friends and family! A lovely thoughtful gift with very little expense! EVERY ONE suffers chapped, sore lips during the winter remember!


Nicola Couperthwaite

I am Nicola Couperthwaite, I own a beauty salon and training academy within the Scottish Borders, UK. I am a beauty expert and beauty educator. I am the GOLD winners of Beauty Salon of the Year and Beauty Therapist of the Year 2017, in The British Hair and Beauty Awards. I am also a complete chocoholic! Oh and i love cute babies and puppies too... but who doesn't right!? <3

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