Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Are you open to change? Are you doing something about it or are you open to change and are you sitting back complaining about things you would like to see change? If you are doing something about it to change your life then kudos to you! If you happen to be a complainer waiting for change then clear the path for us doers.  For example, the president of the united states. People are so quick to judge every move he makes (no I am not defending him nor knocking him, this statement is purely for example…not political). However, the president is a man that believes in himself and has done many great things to become our president. He has allowed his entire life to become public and be criticized whether it be positive or negative. The president has done so much to make a change in his life.  Again, this is not meant to be political, just an example of someone who is a doer whether you like him or not.  At least credit the man for not sitting back and complaining but getting out there and being the change!  Another example, Facebook. Yep, I am opening the can of worms that is discussed so frequently on the news feed.  The world is changing every day and so are many people.  People are taking control of their lives and becoming entrepreneurs such as myself.  Many are turning to free social media such as Facebook, a way to promote their business’s and their livelihoods. While the complainers are actively criticizing the doers for flooding their news feed with their business’s…their livelihoods.  Give the doers credit, support them.

Some people are comfortable, some people are not.  Some people have fear of change and some people embrace it.  We learn from failure.  If you are comfortable then you will stay exactly where you are.  If you are not comfortable and embrace change and failure then you will have much growth and will have to look back at yourself with a telescope.

In regards to myself, I am very uncomfortable and embrace change and fear.  I know for a fact I am able to do so much more in life, I am a doer and fully welcome change into my life.  I look forward to my future self as I know I will be the change I want to see in the world.

With that said, let the doers be the doers and let the complainers be the complainers.  We are the people we surround ourselves with.  The choice is yours.  Be the change you want to see in the world, be a doer…you are able!


Boss Babe, Jennifer Xo



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