Be The Victorious Warrior Inside You

Are you perched on a fence and thinking about making a change instead of doing it?  If you are, I can guarantee you that nothing will change like that.  Or maybe you never actually thought about making a change?  For me, up until three years ago I never really thought about making a change.  I was too busy in every day life and I was sure that was how life was supposed to be.  I never really knew there was so much more.  Then one day that all changed for me.  I suddenly seen what other people were doing that are becoming successful with multiple revenue streams while working their core jobs raising their families.  I was literally watching their lives change right in front of me.  They were always smiling and having so much fun as well as meeting so many new people.  They were changing their lives as well as many others.  I wondered how they were doing this?  How could they possibly fit an extra revenue stream into their already busy lives?  Could I do this already having a busy schedule?  Could this work for me and my family?  Immediately I thought to myself…I would like to make a change, I want to do what they are doing.  I promised myself that I would either be all in or not at all.  There is no give it a try.

Three years later I find myself so proud and grateful for my decision to better my and my families lives as well as many others.  I have always been a hard worker working multiple jobs, of course making other people’s dreams come true.  Working multiple jobs has never gotten me ahead in life, it has always just been a paycheck.  A paycheck that I would receive until retirement that is if the company is still around by then.  We are all replaceable and employment is not always guaranteed.  Deciding to be my own boss as well as working my core job has allowed me to have a back up plan, a plan B.  The great part of being an entrepreneur does not interrupt my core job.

With that being said being victorious is not only about having multiple revenue streams.  It is also about being the best version of you!  Take care of you, take care of your health. You are important.  Grab a personal development book.  For those of you that are not readers, there are a huge variety of audio Cd’s as well as free You Tube videos.  My favorite is Bob Proctor.  Highly recommend him.  Take a few minutes to listen to him and you will see why for yourself.  Nourish your brain.  Write down on paper your wants. Then make a plan and put it to action.  The biggest advice I can give you is consistency. Once you make a decision to make a change you must be consistent.

When you unleash the victorious warrior inside of you amazing things will happen for you as you are able to do so much more, be so much more.  Thoughts become things. Be ready to embrace failure as we learn from failure that leads us to much success.  A person that has never failed has never tried.  Take those thoughts and be victorious!

I have unleashed the victorious warrior inside of me and I am proud of me and I have much more to do.

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