Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful And Then Some!

When you wake up and your feet hit the floor recite to yourself “I am beautiful and then some!” Set the mood for the day! When you start off with positivity your day will be positive.  Trust me on this and try it!

You attract what you are and you become the people you surround yourself with.  Being beautiful and then some is not all that simple. We all have good and bad days. It is how we choose to react to each and every situation that arises.

When I say to be beautiful and then some I am not just speaking of beauty on the outside, it starts from within. When you are  a beautiful person from within it radiates out of you. It puts you in an amazing vibration. Yes we all vibrate. That is another topic that I will most likely blog about soon. I suggest you research “vibration” it is very interesting and will help you in understanding a lot about you.

I challenge you to be your own kind of beautiful and then some! Start a log and track your daily vibration, get to know you and spread the knowledge on to others.

Boss Babe, Jennifer Xo

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