How To Become A Brand Ambassador

Were you ever interested in how to become a brand ambassador? Gaining exposure for your personal brand is crucial for attracting new business, building your customer base and ultimately making more money. Once your brand is out there, get ready for those dollars to start flowing!

How To Become A Brand Ambassador 

After reading this, you’ll be able to create content for brands that always gets shared, successfully funnels followers to your account and have brands begging to pay you to create content for them.

Who doesn’t want to get paid for posting about products they already love? Being a brand ambassador is a win-win situation for any budding to become a brand ambassador

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who:

• Represents and supports a brand to increase awareness and sales
• Shares lifestyle content on their blog or social media showcasing the brand’s products or services
• Embodies the same values and visual aesthetic as the brand

An ideal ambassador looks and lives like the brand’s ideal customer.

What does a typical brand ambassador relationship look like?

how to become a brand ambassadorA brand will either reach out to you or vice versa depending on your existing social media presence and if you’re a good fit. You’ll discuss and agree on the terms of your ambassador role.

Then they’ll gift you products to use and feature in your content. You shouldn’t have to pay for products or services, but if there are costs involved, use your discretion to see if it’s worth your time. Ex. If you’re a fashion blogger and Urban Outfitters wants to feature you on their Instagram of 5.5 million followers, I’d definitely spend some dollars at their store if they didn’t have a budget.

You’ll receive the goodies and then create content that fits within your own brand’s style and voice. Depending on the terms you discussed, your content will also get featured on their Instagram or blog with credit given to you.

What are the advantages of being a brand ambassador?how to become a brand ambassador

• At the very least, you’ll get free stuff
• There is the potential to get paid depending on your following and the quality of your content
• Your brand can get featured on their account, therefore increasing your brand exposure
• You’re building your network and setting yourself up for success
• Even if you aren’t selling a product or have a blog yet, there are already eager eyes watching
• You’re funneling followers your way who actually want to get to know you. Organic traffic is extremely valuable for a high engagement rate.

What are the disadvantages of being a brand ambassador?

• It takes up a lot of your time. Emailing, shooting, writing and posting all require your personal focus and attention.
• There is the risk that you won’t get featured and you end up just doing free promotion.
• Others might think you’re compromising your own brand or “selling out”.

How can I avoid these disadvantages?

To avoid the downfalls of brand ambassadorship, here are a few best practices:

• Set a time limit on yourself when shooting by using your phone’s stopwatch feature. Don’t spend longer than an hour or so per photo.
• To save time, setup a general email template that you can customize when reaching out to brands.
• During your email conversation, politely ask if it’s possible to be featured BEFORE you commit to anything.
• Don’t post about too many different brands that aren’t in line with your style. In other words, don’t post about something you personally wouldn’t use – because that is selling out!

Extra Brand Ambassador Tips

how to become a brand ambassador• Look at the brand’s current Instagram feed. What posts get the most engagement? What is their overall aesthetic (Colorful? Minimal? Dark? Pink?). Mimic that same visual style with your photo then add your own signature spin.

• Respond to emails in a timely manner and be really polite and grateful. Also, don’t be too pushy or demanding. Keep in mind that you’re most likely not the only brand ambassador, so they could cut ties if you don’t seem like you’re into it.

• To ensure that they’ll want to post your photo to their Instagram, make sure the product and logo is very clear in the photo. Shoot in a well lit and bright environment to make things really pop.

• Send a BONUS photo! Brands will really appreciate your effort and take note of your enthusiasm. They love when people are just as excited about their products as much as they are.

• People are going to click on your account after your photo gets featured, so make sure there’s something for them to see. Your content should be up to date, consistent and a true reflection of you. Don’t forget to include your email and a link to your blog or website in your bio.

Good luck! I hope you have a better understanding on how to become a brand ambassador. Leave a comment below with any other tips or comments you may have.

  1. Thanks for the advice! I agree that it’s important to investigate the types of brands you would like to collaborate with to see what kind of content they already share. Never thought about taking the time to send them extra photos though, will definitely have to try that next time. 🙂

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