Make the Jump, Leaving Your 9-5 & Becoming a Boss Babe

So, you’re ready to become a Boss Babe!

Say “Goodbye” to that anticlimactic 9 to 5 and “Hello Gorgeous” to the Boss Babe life.

But, where do you begin?

Three years ago, I was called into my boss’s office with some fabulous news! I was the lucky chosen one. The female that would represent our Immigration Agency at the ever-prestigious Immigration Conference in Ottawa. This was HUGE. At least it should have been. So why didn’t I seem to ecstatic about this opportunity that was sure to further my career? Ahh, there it was. Perhaps this wasn’t the career I wanted to further.

You see, I had a side biz. Something small. More of a passion if you will. Years ago, I had discovered the strength (no pun intended) fitness had on my life and immediately set out to educate others on how to feel this empowered by making a lifestyle change. Little did I know this would soon lead to a full-time career, double my earnings at the office gig and fulfill my heart in a way I never imagined possible.

After respectfully declining my bosses offer, I soon followed by handing in my resignation. I was petrified. Shaking. What was I doing? Leaving something secure for something so unknown. Was I going to make it? Who would listen to me? Where do you even start with this stuff? Did I need insurance? How does one do taxes? My dad was going to be pissed!

But there I was. Packing up my desk, saying goodbye to my coworkers and hello to my new life.

It was the strangest thing, waking up on my first Monday, staying in my pjs, pulling out my lap top and beginning my first day as a full-blown entrepreneur. I found out something real quick. Mondays, in fact, did not suck.

It took about a month, to get into the swing of things, arrange my new schedule, wake up early even when I had nowhere to be and transition into a full-time Boss Babe. The sailing was far from smooth but every wave taught me something new and brought me one step closer to becoming the CEO of my very own company.

Are you ready to do the same? Read on!

5 Strategic Steps To Making a Career Transition

  1. Transition –Instead of making an impulsive jump, begin to create your brand while you continue with your current career. This will set you up for financial success, avoid additional uncertainty and allow you to build your content over time. This will mean working overtime, putting all your excess energy into your passion and committing 100% to a new future. This is no time for weekends or vacation, it’s time to hustle, girl!
  2. Develop a brand – Who are you? What are you selling? What makes you unique? Why would someone purchase your service or product? Once you have these questions answered, you’ll have a clear image of what your brand is. Now, stay consistent with it as you build your content.
  3. Utilize free marketing – Social media is an ever evolving-platform and by the looks of it, it’s here to stay. Lucky for you Boss Babe, this allows you to build your brand on a free platform that can reach anywhere from hundreds to millions of people. You can market yourself any way you choose, build your audience and gain your clients before you even make the big leap!
  4. Make a plan, set some goals – Give yourself a time frame. You don’t want to be sitting at that desk day dreaming of what the future could hold for years and years to come. Set a reasonable and maintainable goal of when you will take the plunge. Set three small but timely goals you want to achieve before you reach the ultimate goal, make a plan of action as to how you will achieve them and get to work! Once you’ve checked off 1, 2, and 3, it’s time to cut the cord.
  5. Quit – The time has come. You’ve put all your energy into this baby. You’ve branded it, you’ve polished it and you’re ready to be your own boss. This is no time to hold back. The only way to truly excel as an entrepreneur is to jump with both feet in. Let go of the safety blanket, put those big girl panties on and resign. You’ve worked long and hard, it’s time to make your passion work for you.
Your dream career awaits! See you on the other side Boss Babe!

Tea Cuk

TayC Fitness CEO

Tea Cuk earned her Boss Babe stamp when she quit her "big girl" job to follow her passion and launch TayC Fitness. A brand all about bringing out the BEST in a woman and empowering her to live her optimal life through healthy lifestyle and emotional coaching. Retired fitness competitor, published bikini model and sponsored athlete, Tea has been awarded Coach of The Year, nominated for the Avenue Top 40 Under 40 and has earned a finalist spot as a Business Chick, Woman of Inspiration. She's an eccentric European with a love for animals and an obsession with personal development.

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