Beginning Entrepreneur: Lessons Learned

I’m a beginning entrepreneur, I am just starting on this journey. Have you ever seen a toddler that is starting to walk? They start walking, then stumble a little, but ultimately get back up, because they want to keep moving. That is the stage that I am in, thankfully, I am surrounded by more experienced professionals that won’t let me fall completely, and will grab a hand, keep me steady and send me off on my own. Thank you Andromeda Raheem, Shameika Dean and David Shands!

Listen, I rush, I’ll admit it. I am learning the art of slowing down and doing things the right way. I am also big on keeping costs down as much as possible, and bringing money in. The past week, has been incredibly frustrating as a beginning entrepreneur, however, I am thankful for it, because I learned some very valuable lessons. So, let’s get it!

1.  It takes money to make money!

I like to save my coins! I like to save my coins! Honey, I like to save my coins! I am currently doing preorders for a journal. I hired someone inexperienced and cheap (you get what you pay for) to create the cover design. This person created a few very, very simple designs, and I sent them off to the three people who I trust, one being my business coach. Guess what? None of them were moved! LOL and they were all very honest, especially my business coach who outright said, “Who is making these?”. I had to hire a more experienced designer, which meant more money. Simple. The minute I did that though, I had a design that was killer! and I had a new graphic designer on my team! We are currently

re-designing my first book! Here’s the deal though, the money I paid out for her, was made back with pre-orders! There’s no way around it. You get what you pay for. You want the best, be ready to pay for it.

2. A new meaning to “go on and put your name on it”

Yup, I said it, but this kind of “put your name on it” refers to your products. My girl Andromeda said to me “if your name is on it, then it needs to be right”. Why is that? Because once it’s out there, it is out there! I’m ambitious, and I give 100% I would hate to have something out there that is incomplete. I mean, yes, mistakes are part of the process, it’s how you learn and grow, but I would rather my mistakes not make it to the final product. I’ll tell ya’ll in a blog post or interview about it later! Yes, my company’s name is Life’s Diary LLC, but my name is all over it! My marketing and social media all goes through my name. You won’t meet Life’s Diary, without meeting me! I had to take my time, pull everything, design it the right way, and put it back out. Thank GOD, I slowed down to get it right, because the minute I redesigned, preorders came through. Which bring us to point three…

3. Drive slow homey…

Every couple of weeks, I do branding classes through the business coaching program that I am a part of. I am reminded constantly, that building a brand and a company, IS NOT an overnight process. Minimum, it takes five years, so get comfortable sis and take your time. Not to mention, anything worth building, that will last, will take some time to create. Baby, you can do it, take your time, do it right!


4. Identify your identity

 I spent money on a logo, thought I loved it, but then my company started developing more, and my over the top personality became a part of it. Which meant that my logo, no longer represented it the way I wanted it to. I had to pay, again, for a new logo. Again, take your time in the process. Had I slowed down, I would’ve waited to have my logo created professionally. Now that I have my identity in place, I was able to tell my designer exactly what I wanted and I am comfortable in that.

I am quite sure I will be learning more as I grow, and I am excited for it. This is why it’s important to have a team of people who are on a higher level than you, who you can reach out to. Having that has been a saving grace for me, and has made the process more manageable. So, while I was a bit aggravated with myself, and I ultimately had to shell out some money, the lessons learned? Priceless!


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