do you do this.. in your bizz? How to take charge and get back in control. Powerful technique!

A lot of us are already familiar with the Law of attraction. The do’s and dont’s but the most essential part of it all usually slips through our fingers without us even noticing. We do it often and it is in a lot of cases fatal to our business opportunities or in the end our business itself if you keep doing it long enough. There are two things I want to address:

don’t await instead CREATE!

When you go to an interview, a doctor, a client contact, an important business meeting. We tend to forget that with our energy we have the power. We’re going into these things with an attitude of.. hmm I’m really curious what the outcome is gonna be. Will he be interested.. will I get a Yes.. what will the doctor tell me… and POOF out of the unconscious sprout these thoughts that are barricading instead of building. Without us even becoming aware of WHAT we are doing! This especially happens when things get exciting. We let the situation outside of us take over. Take control.

Okay so this may be a little worst case scenario but even if you could get to a neutral point you are still not in a state of getting what you want or where you want to be really. You’re letting the other part take charge (more than often nervously) awaiting the outcome! The issue is you don’t have to wait and give away all your power. You have to start and create!  You know ..intend, expect, trust, visualize know and feel etc.BE intentional in such a way that there is no space left unfilled with your intention. That’s focus.

Still too often we’re waiting instead of creating

Our business needs us to take charge or it can be fatal. You don’t sit by and watch it all go down in real life so what in the heavens are you waiting for? Start making the connection to your prospect with your heart. Start expecting the best from your clients. Start designing how you want that contact to be. Start building the energy. See it before you as if already happened. Yes we know that one. But try this. Prepare the energy and not just the factual visualising part..

 everything is energy… CONNECTED

The pitfall of all. There are two parts of creating and the energetic part is the most overlooked one. Remember creating is a two-part action process. It’s not about just taking action in real life. Running after your  to-do list. It’s in the first place about molding the energy. If you do either only the first or the latter part you will get stuck or fall back in failure time after time. One is the dreamer that sees it all before his eyes. Feeling it.. loving it but not getting into action. Not bringing it down from the  heavenly realms. The other is the action oriented person letting it’s mind take control without actually following his inner part. Without really connecting to the energy. Not feeling or visualising it but merely taking action and being led by the logic of the head.  Constricted in perspective and possibility.

three things actually 😉

And then there is the relation between those energies. If you read the following exercise you will understand that creating has to come from a place of LOVE to be succesful. And without relation there is no love right? Love for yourself in the first place. I mean authenticity is key. Only from a place of pure love for who we are can we create successfully and will our creation be satisfying to our soul. So try it out for yourself. Maybe just for a month and reflect on how it makes you feel. How your energy shifts and what the effect of this shift is on everything around you. Including your bizz 😉

the exercise

See yourself in the Universe /Galaxy free of everything else. There’s just the stars. You and the other person you want to build a relation with in what ever way. ( if you want to be in a field filled with flowers that’s perfectly okay too haha.  It’s   the energetic connection that counts) So let’s say in this case  a sales relationship. Remember first step in this relation.. it’s all about giving first and then.. get ready to receive! What is it that you want to give this “relation”.  Let it be for the highest good of all. And when I say ALL…..I literally mean ALL as we are ONE.

So say you want to share your talent (read passion that I turned into a life work of art)with this connection.. you know what you have to offer… you know what you like to receive in return.. and because we are ONE… you know how happy this will make theboth of you (highest good for all remember). As you do this start envisioning a golden white light tube or flow connecting the both of you. At first it is fragile and thin but as you start visualizing the benefits for both and the happiness and joy that flow out of that to each other the bond starts getting bigger and stronger. Slowly you are being pulled to each other as the connection gets tighter and more trusting. Until the moment you are actually standing in front of each other acting on your desires. Exchanging service in the form of energy. See this.. feel this.. feel the joy and set the intention for this to come to fruition in the physical world. You already do this of course by all the visualising but manifesting has different steps. Just as your thoughts, become words, become deeds the same way you can act on this. Speak it out and make it stronger… write it down and bring it even closer into the physical world. Step by step making matter Manifest.Cool … let’s do this 😉


ohw.. and did I mention that energetic effort is 5000 times more powerful than any physical action?


Our biggest mistake is

to take part in any event




Tineke Janssen

For as long as I can remember I love to inspire and motivate people. As I got into the Law of Attraction my passion even fired up haha. It's such a wonderful life tool. I like to write about how to use this concept in your business. Be consistent and see yourself & your business grow. No really. If you only knew what the right focus can do for you! Try it out for yourself. I'm a law of attraction coach dying to share "the Secret(s)" with you! With all my love, Tineke Janssen

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