The #1 Secret To Boosting Your Creativity

An idea executed well can change the world. But how does one increase creativity to continually come up with ideas? Boosting your creativity will not only advance your personal and professional development, it will ultimately increase your earning potential.

Having a steady flow of ideas is essential, particularly when self-employed. There’s no hiding place. I used to struggle to come up with new ideas, so began to explore ways to boost my creativity.

Boosting Your Creativity
The #1 Secret To Boosting Your Creativity

The #1 Secret To Boosting Your Creativity

Writing down 10 ideas a day will keep your creative muscle pumping. The topic can vary broadly. In fact, the more varied the better because this will require you to think more.

The topics I regularly brainstorm include: blog posts, ideas for clients, new recipes, workouts to do at the gym. It really doesn’t matter the ideas you focus on, the main thing is to write down 10 or more ideas to get your ideas flowing. 

After doing this for a few weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my ability to come up with ideas. I got the inspiration after reading Become an Idea Machine. The book’s co-author, James Altucher, notes that writing 10 ideas a day enabled him to quickly reinvent himself; develop fresh perspectives and new ideas not only for his own life but those in his network.

When you write 10 ideas a day, Altucher says: “You will become an idea machine. No matter what situation you are in, what problem you see in front of you, you will have nonstop solutions for them. And when your idea muscle is at its peak performance, your ideas will actually be good, which means you will be able to create the life you want to lead.”

What techniques do you use to stay creative? 

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