Boss Babe Spotlight: Emma Privilege

Interview With Emma Privilege

If you haven’t heard, the Boss Babe Academy is a pretty big deal. We sat down with Emma to hear about her Boss Babe Academy experience!

Hi Emma, tell us about you!

Emma Privilege: My name is Emma, I am 33 and I have been in business just 11 months. I am married, have a 6-year-old little girl and 2 dogs. I’m from Liverpool, UK.

I trained as a life coach at The Coaching Academy and have a first class honors in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Law. I am a qualified Law Of Attraction Practitioner, and I like handbags. I really like those! I am currently writing a personal development book, and my passion in life is helping people.

That’s awesome! Tell us a bit about your business.

EP: I am the CEO and creator of The Mindset Movement, where I provide Mindset and Life coaching, Mindset Training, Personal Development Tools, and business coaching. I didn’t want to just create a coaching organization. I wanted to create an actual MOVEMENT. An organization that clients felt like they were proud to be a part of. I wanted it to be more than a business. I wanted it to be a family, a MOVEMENT.  

I am also the Co-Founder of The Think BIG Company where we provide training tools to entrepreneurs to assist with business and mindset skills. We provide workbooks that are based on 28 days of consistency in order to reprogram your subconscious mind.

What’s one tool that has helped you the most in your business?

EP: You NEED a planner with times in it to be able to plan. It is the best way to make a plan that is easy to stick to. Without proper time management I feel stressed that things aren’t getting done. That leads to frustration, which is a vicious cycle if we’re being honest.

The idea for The Think BIG Company originally came from wanting a guided tool or workbook that I could fill in daily with daily tasks created to help me be more successful, productive, organized, and just plain old getting stuff DONE. Sometimes procrastinating about what we should be doing wastes so much of our time, so we created a step by step daily plan.

Have you learned anything in business, from Boss Babe Academy or elsewhere, that you’d like to share?

EP: To be originally and unapologetically you! You are NOT for everyone and neither is your business, product and/or service and THAT’S OK! If you just be yourself the right people will find you. ‘Your Vibe ATTRACTS Your Tribe’ – and your customers.

Imitation won’t get you far at all. You have to find what makes you, you – THEN OWN IT.

What do you consider your biggest achievements so far?

EP: My biggest business achievements are the events that I have been involved in training at. 1500 attendee women in network marketing, sell out online courses, launching products that have sold out in one day, and recently being asked to fly to Australia to train entrepreneurs in mindset. I am truly blessed.

My biggest personal achievement though are the lives I have been involved in changing. Without My Mindset Movement Army, none of what I have achieved would be possible. I owe every piece of success to the people who have allowed me into their lives, some people haven’t trusted anyone in years, some people have believed that change isn’t possible for them, some people have cried for a lot of their lives, and for them to have chosen me to guide them is the greatest honor ever.

What made you finally take the leap and join Boss Babe Academy?

EP: I loved the periscope trainings! The quotes! Everything! But I think what swayed me the most was to be able to be surrounded with like-minded people who ‘get it’. Having friends who aren’t in business and who don’t understand your hustle is hard sometimes so to be surrounded by people who do is a breath of fresh air. They all rock!

What’s your favorite thing about being in the Boss Babe Academy?

EP: Having a dedicated place to go to get opinions on ideas, business questions, and even just a place to ‘be’ with people who have the same types of days. We all have them. The life of a business woman is so up and down, so hectic, it’s nice to know I am not alone.

What would you say to a Boss Babe who is sitting on the fence unsure whether to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

EP: I would say leap. If you never try, then you will never know right? It took me two months of wondering would anyone even listen to me or want to book me as their coach until one day I thought ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ Just give it your all and see what happens.

Why don’t we end with a favorite quote. What’s yours and why?

EP: The quote that literally made my mindset shift is, “I am not afraid, for I am learning to sail my ship.” I had a realization about why I was feeling so lost, and so out of control. I didn’t know how to ‘sail my ship’. I was sort of wandering around hoping it all clicked into place when really it is up to US. To learn how to handle things, to learn how to sail our ships and control our lives.

A huge thanks to Emma for taking the time to share her Boss Babe Academy experience with us!

If you’re ready to take the leap and join us, click here!

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