BOSS BABE Motivation (Six Simple Practices To Smash Goals This Year!)

Motivated BOSS BABE that keeps the motivation up throughout the year and smashes her goals and New Year’s resolutions: that can be you! If you are a BOSS BABE who wants to smash your goals in 2018. this article is for you. If you follow these six BOSS BABE MOTIVATION rules, you will not fall of the wagon in February:

BOSS BABE Motivation Rule #1: Create Vision Board For This Year!

One of the powerful things I’ve discovered that really work and now it is part not only my own goal setting routine, but also one of the must do assignments that I give to my life coaching clients is creating the vision board for the year!

We know the power of visioning, vision boards, and manifesting our visions into reality when we laser focus on our goal and empower our belief system, but what usually happens when creating a vision board without giving it a time frame is that it turns into a “fantasy board”. It becomes envisioned fantasy of the life we would want to live “someday”  and what we dream of achieving “in the years to come”.

In setting SMART goals it is important to give ti a timeframe, so that we can track our progress and keep ourselves accountable. When we create a vision board for the year, then everything we pin on it becomes the set of goals we MUST accomplish and we COMIT to accomplish this year!

That helps us to REALLY commit to our goals and as the year goes by, and to actually increase the level of motivation and commitment towards our goals, instead of going the other way around!

BOSS BABE Motivation Rule #2: Declare Your Goals!

This step has also proven to be very powerful when it comes to achieving goals and keeping up the motivation throughout the year! Declaring our BIG goals for the year, and sharing our vision board with other people works two ways:

A – It helps us to keep ourselves accountable and gives us a positive “pressure” to really work on our goals (because we declared it to so many people, we will feel the need to really make it happen, to save our face value!)

B – It shouts to our subconscious mind and to the Universe that we really BELIEVE that we CAN achieve our goals and live those dreams! If we have resistance in declaring our goals to other people, that actually own that deep within we don’t believe that they are achievable and we are doubting ourselves.

Setting up SMART goals and creating no matter how pretty vision board will not help if we doubt ourselves and do not really believe that we can make them happen!

BOSS BABE Motivation Rule #3: Focus On One Thing At The Time Or Integrate Similar Goals

I see this mistake done many times by my life coaching clients: they spread themselves too thin and then end up not completing any of their goals or projects or leaving them in the middle! The power of having laser focus is huge: if we direct our energy towards one goal at the time it is much easier to master and achieve that ONE thing.

Give yourself the time to work on one goal or project at the time. I like 90 days rule, but you can also make it 30! Decide to focus on building audience on one social network, and once you master it, move onto another one. Decide to focus on creating one project or product or service and commit to it fully, then once you are done, move onto another one.

This will help you to prevent feeling overwhelmed with things, focus and concentrate on that ONE thing which you are working on, and therefore you will be much more productive and results will flow! If you have a BIG goal, it helps to break it into chunks, which you will work each week, or month, or year quarter.

Sometimes we have limited time and many things we want to achieve. In that case it helps to integrate goals. Think how you can integrate 2 or more of your goals or passions into one?

For example, I love writing, and blogging, and I am a life coach (which is my dream job, as I breath and live personal growth). I want to do all three, as it makes me happy and fulfilled, so I integrated all of them together in the way that I write my blog and plenty of articles, and at the same time, they serve me as a marketing tool for my life coaching services.

BOSS BABE Motivation Rule #4: Your One Word

One more practice I found to be powerful is having ONE WORD for the year, which will reflect our goals and our vision for the year to come, and kind of represent the essence of what we want to achieve. This one word can be INSPIRE, THRIVE, GROWTH, ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS, RICH, FAMOUS, INFLUENCER, MONEY, LUXURY, VIRAL, STRONG, CONFIDENCE, MAGIC, MIRACLES

Contemplate on your goals for this year and your BIG dreams and come up with ONE WORD that will represent them. Once you define your one word, I recommend putting it on your vision board, noting it down in your planner, printing and framing it on your work desk or on your wall, posting it on your social media accounts…

Any time trough of the year, when you feel like your motivation is dropping up, you feel self doubt, considering to quit on your goals, or you are facing a decision you need to make, remember your one word!
For example, if you one word was STRONG, ask yourself would a strong BOSS BABE quit on her goal or she would get up and keep on going forward? If you do not feel like doing the exercise, ask yourself would skipping that exercise routine make you strong or weak? If you need to make a difficult decision, or take some risk, what would STRONG person do?

Same way, if your one word was INFLUENCER, how would you behave if you would be the one, what would you need to do and who do you need to become to be the influencer in the niche? Would influencer in your niche collaborate with people and brands you are collaborating? Would influencer miss that chance to be visible online, or get vulnerable and share a personal journey story to inspire others?

What is your one word?

BOSS BABE Motivation Rule #5: Build The Mindset For Success

You cannot possibly succeed while wearing costume of failure! Fears, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence and poor mindset are very heavy costume of failure! In order to succeed beyond your wildest dream you MUST empower your mindset and start thinking, behaving, acting, dressing up, and talking like a rich, successful, confident, ambitious, bold, and business savvy BOSS BABE!

Shake of that costume of failure and start to dress for success! Struggling to work out the plan and strategy on what works or not for your life, blog, or online business, with one more freebie and endless online hustle… will not get you very far. That is the reflection of poor mindset, not the mindset of a BOSS BABE.

Secret is not in working harder, it is in working smarter and doing the right thing that will get you results! Enrolling in self development and business mastery workshops, courses, and  membership programs, working with coaches, and having a mentor can help you get where you want to be much greater and much faster!

As Wayne Dyer would wisely say:

“You attract what you are, not what you want!”

If you are building your blog or business on one more freebie you downloaded, and wondering why people are not hiring you or buying from you, remember that you attract what you are and at the moment you attract only those people want free stuff as they are not willing to invest a single $, just like yourself!

Who you are? What are you attracting in your business?

I have seen the biggest growth in my business once I started investing in coaching programs by coaches that I admire! Also, enrolling in BOSS BABE ACADEMY was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2017.

Our net worth is directly correlated to our self worth and our mindset! If we do not find ourselves worthy to invest in ourselves, our skills, and our business, other people will also not find us worthy to invest in us!

BOSS BABE Motivation Rule #6: Surround Yourself With Other Like Minded And Successful BOSS BABES!

Last but not least, surround yourself with other like minded and successful BOSS BABES! There is an unwritten rule which says that we are earning he average sum of five people we are spending the most of our time with are earning.

Who are you spending your time with? Making business besties and collaborating with other BOSS BABES who can support you and understand what you are going trough is very uplifting!

Who will you surround yourself this year with?

Who can help you to keep the motivation up and inspire you to dream BIG?

Danijela Jokic Vaislay


Danijela Jokic Vaislay is life coach ("an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with life problems" :), from SE Europe, working while traveling, currently based in India. Her mission is to inspire and help women all over the globe to get the confidence and strategy to get unstuck in life, and go after there wildest dreams, via her blog, articles, and 1 on 1 life coaching via Skype. Her advice on success, happiness, relationships, dating, and building the confidence was featured and quoted in COSMOPOLITAN, The Huffington Post, and counting. Go over to (link in bio) to read more inspiring articles and blog posts by Danijela, and to book free 30-min life coaching call with her via Skype. Follow Danijela on Instagram @DANIJELA_LIFECOACH (Twitter link in bio).

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