Boss Babe Spotlight: Vanessa White

We love connecting with fellow Boss Babes and sharing their stories with you! Read this boss babe spotlight to find out about Vanessa, her business, and her experience with Boss Babe Academy.

Boss Babe Spotlight: Vanessa White

Hi Vanessa, tell us about you!

Vanessa WhiteHi my name is Vanessa White (also known as Olanikee Osibowale – which means, this child our wealth and riches should be pampered and the chief has returned home) and I am 24 years old. I am the Founder and Creative Director of Goddess Detox. I’m from Sunrise, FL and was born into a Jamaican family. I was raised by my mom and have 1 younger brother.

vanessawhite2Growing up, I would describe myself as a good listener. High school wasn’t my favorite and dabbled in writing poetry from time to time. I wanted to get away and college was my answer to that. I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology and African-American Studies at Florida State University. 

Florida A&M University, where I received Master’s Degree in Community Psychology, is also where I started my business. It was during my first year of graduate studies and I was working to raise money to study abroad in Tanzania. From there it has evolved into something bigger and better.

Can you tell us some more about your business?

VW: My business is called Goddess Detox which is dedicated to having woman let go of things holding them back and tapping into their inner Goddess. We provide self-love inspired products that help with that. Our goal was to create a lifestyle instead of just a product. I want women to make being a goddess an everyday thing.

So far, our biggest product is our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls Cleanse that helps women to cleanse their vaginal areas using all natural herbs.  As women our womb space and our vaginal spaces are really sacred and the cleanse also allows women to connect with their yoni areas (vaginal area).

Have you learned anything in business, from Boss Babe Academy or elsewhere, that you’d like to share?

VW: One thing I have learned in business I would like to share is this: You may have a great product but if no one knows about it then it’s nothing. I say that with love. Marketing is the biggest investment you can make in your business. Marketing will get you the money you would like to see. You have to market the right way.

What do you consider your biggest achievements so far? 

VW: My biggest personal achievements:

  1. Being able to be my own boss.
  2. Having a boyfriend who shows me unconditional love and support.
  3. Traveling to Ghana and Tanzania

My biggest business achievements:

  1. Getting our product packaged in a way that women would connect to.
  2. Having our product name trademarked.
  3. Really growing the brand and getting it out there.

Awesome! What made you finally take the leap and join Boss Babe Academy?

vanessawhite1VW: After following the Instagram, I heard about the academy and thought, “why not? I need to be surrounded by more women in business and really wanted to hear from woman actually doing it!” When I finally joined and read Marielle’s Masterclass on public relations I was sold.

What’s your favorite thing about being in the Boss Babe Academy?

VW: My favorite things about Boss Babe Academy are the exclusive podcasts we have access to as well as the classes.  As boss babes we should always be learning as much as possible about how to level up our brands and become a better bosses. I love being a boss babe as well because the majority of us are young entrepreneurs in our 20’s and I really love that. No longer are we waiting until retirement to enjoy our lives, we are enjoying them now!

What would you say to a Boss Babe who is sitting on the fence unsure whether to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

VWGirl, just do it!! Do you want to be rich or broke? Do you want freedom or constraint? You may still even have a job right now but every day do something  towards your own business so that you can one day focus solely on that. I took a leap and I am amazed at the growth and now I focus solely on building my brand and business. 

One more thing, do not play yourself, love. If you say you are going to do business, it will take work but stick to it, I promise you it will work out, but actually take action and do it, do not just speak something into the atmosphere and not take action towards it.

Why don’t we end with a favorite quote. What’s yours and why?

VW: There is one that I actually came up with that I love.:

“Manifest that shit. Say it, visualize it and believe the hell out of it. If no one else believes but you, that’s all you need.” –OlanikeeOsi.boss babe spotlight

Where can we find you?

VW@OlanikeeOsi and @GoddessDetox on Instagram and my website is

A huge thanks to Vanessa for taking the time to share her Boss Babe Academy experience with us! 

If you’re ready to take the leap and join us, click here!

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