Boss Babes Master Sales Objections

Boss Babes Master Sales Objections

“I cannot afford it,” “it’s not a good time” or “I have no money,” are some of the common sales objections you may hear during the sales conversation.

Will the Boss Babe who charges too low to avoid these sales objections, please stand up!

Some people are subconsciously unaware that they are hesitant to increase pricing because they feel awkward or fearful responding to objections.

Learn to proactively respond after you state your offer instead of reacting quickly and saying things like, “okay, thanks! Have a good day”, click.

Why let prospects slip through your fingers when you confidently know that you may make a massive difference in their life or business?

I get it, I’ve been there. I’ve sold my time for dollars for over ten years but, if you want to build a profitable business, you need to start charging more and mastering the sales conversation.

Be confident in your pricing and learn how to master objections with these three tips:

       1. Be Empathetic & Acknowledge their Objection (Emotional Intelligence 101)

Brace yourself, Boss Babes, you are bound to hear this most popular complaint, “I can’t afford it.” And how you handle it is paramount.

Ask questions to understand their objection at a deeper level such as, “tell me more,” “what do you mean by…?” or “where is this coming from?”

      2. Provide Solutions & Ask Open-Ended Questions

The best times I’ve experienced transformations in my life, I’ve invested in myself even when I didn’t have the money. I figured out ways to populate the money ethically by selling my car or getting a loan to move my business forward.

Karen Lamb says it best, “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

Perhaps, you have a list of solutions and different ideas to work through with the prospect to figure out a way to generate money to move forward on their dreams & aspirations.

You also have to ask the candidate questions like “is this something that you want to do because if this opportunity is not a good fit, I understand.” And most of the time, the prospect will say, “Yes, I don’t just want to do this, I need to do this.” And you can go on to ask “how can we make it happen for you?”

           3. Recognize the Objection As a Fear

Most objections are fear-based. People are worried about the unknown.

I know that I was when I invested over 10K in my first business coach. I was able to make my investment back in a matter of a month and tripled my investment in a few months.

Celebrate that you are providing massive value for the prospect to move forward on their dreams.

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”– Friedrich Nietzsche



Danielle Gomez


Danielle Gomez is an award-winning producer that co-created Inspired By 11 – a 93-minute feature length film for entrepreneurs meant to inspire people to take massive action. She also runs a video production company, Serious Take Productions, and works with hungry entrepreneurs and established businesses all around the country. Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana she was obsessed with self-education and this Boss Babe learned after Hurricane Katrina when she lost everything that the only materialistic thing she cared about losing was –her journal.

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