Business Authenticity: Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them Darling!

Congratulations doll! Your business is taking off, your online presence is growing, you are picked up by other companies, you are DOING THE DAMN THING and feeling like a boss in the process!


Guess what? Someone is about to try and burst your bubble. It could be someone or some people, but either way, it’s coming! Wondering what I mean? Let me give you personal experience.


I was at my computer working, and I received a text from a friend. I opened the text, and the first thing I saw was “why is all of your content geared toward women, are you some kind of feminist?”. I KNOW what my vision is, I KNOW what my business is about. I am called to empower women, especially women starting over. I am called to help women find their purpose. Does that mean I don’t think men need the same help? Absolutely not! Here’s the thing though, I can’t relate to men on a personal level because I am not a man. Plus, it’s just not where my company is going right now. I know this, I am comfortable in this, what was my mistake? I engaged the conversation. I was told why I should change my strategy, what I should add, and all of this from someone who is not an entrepreneur and nowhere near that level!


Tip 1: Listen, sis, if they are not in that field, not working in that field, don’t have receipts showing their knowledge or even worse, not a real supporter of you! GIRL BYE! That “advice” is not for you! So, who do I take advice from? My supporters, I gotta give the people what they want, but this is usually specific to my followers and customers. My sister circle is all entrepreneurs or women who are ambitious and doing it big, we help each other out. My personal circle, because I know that they want what’s best for me. Overall…MYSELF!


Tip 2: You want your business to thrive and survive? Be authentic! In all honesty, I kicked around the idea for my business for a few years, I am just now starting to take it full steam ahead. I get asked all of the time, how I am able to open doors so quickly, the answer? I am not like the rest of them darling! My field isn’t unique but I am quite unique! My delivery is unique, my technique is unique, and a big part of the brand is me, I’M UNIQUE! I do it my way, and so should you!


Tip 3: Know thyself girl! How can you have an authentic business if you don’t know who you are? Your business will come from your passion, which comes from YOU.


Tip 4 OWN YOUR BRAND! At some point, I pray that your brand, your business grows so much that you’ll need to hire people to help you. However, before you do that your brand should already be set, if you allow too many opinions in the pot, and then implement all of those opinions, your brand won’t have consistency. If I go to a website or someone tells me about their company and they are all over the place, I’m shutting down. I will not spend time, energy or my coins on inconsistency.

Overall, you run the show hun! It’s your stage, you set it up the way you like. If someone offers you something that would look good on that stage, great but if not, don’t be afraid to say “nah”






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