Business Minded: Make The Money, Don’t Let It Make You

This month I have been focused on one thing, making money. That is not the problem, money is necessary to keep a certain life going, and there is a lot that I want to see and do, which will require money. I have a teenager that I’ll be sending off to college in four years, which will require money. Money is absolutely not the root of all evil, it’s what people will do for it that causes the problem.

So, while focusing on sales isn’t the problem, the fact that it was the only thing I was focusing on is what was problematic. Here is why, I am in the business of people. My graduate degree is in Social Work, and I thrive on helping people find solutions to their issues. For just a little while, I lost focus and stopped doing that. It no longer takes me a while to learn a lesson when I feel like God is presenting one to me. My sales slowed down significantly, and in an effort to get more money, I started a plan where I would sell two books a day, again, that plan isn’t the issue, but am I really trying to change lives, or just make money? The danger in focusing on money when you are in the business of people, is that it’s too easy to exploit their issues for the sake of gaining money.

There is no way in absolute hell I am ever going to be that woman!

So, my focus has become, what two people will you effect in a life changing way every two days. What two women can you encourage and inspire through your business every two days?

Perfect example, today, I did just that and a sale cane not through me pushing for the sale, but by me being my genuine self.

There is a reason why people started businesses and offer their products or services, and while money is a factor, there are other deciding factors as well. Don’t forget your passion for what you do, don’t forget your purpose.

In the words of Diamond from the movie The Players Club, make the money, don’t let the money make you.







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