How you can still treat yourself when you’re building your empire

Do you want to know some cute wee tips on how you can still treat yourself when money is tight when you’re being badass and building that empire of yours?


Okay, so we all pretty much have something in common here and that is that we all hate Mondays. We would rather be jetting off on a regular basis to somewhere very luxurious, with crystal blue waters and not a single cloud in the sky. Right? I know. I feels it too.


But first off can i just clarify hat if you REALLY want that kind of lifestyle, first and foremost you CAN have it. You just gotta show up, work hard everyday on your dreams, work out EXACTLY how you’re going to reach those goals and then keep creating it. Over and over again.

Do you have big goals and even bigger dreams?

If you’re a lady like me who is working damn hard everyday on their dreams, has some pretty big goals to hit and has a business where you constantly inject money back into it and invest in yourself all the time, so you don’t have a spare few grand lying around to buy the next flight outta here, or that cute Louis V bag you’ve had your eyes on forever. Well, hello girl. This post was written for you!

I’m talking to all you boss babes who don’t mind hard work, early mornings and late nights just to get shit done! (Well maybe not early mornings for me, I’m too grumpy first thing for that🙊) I’m talking to all you women who sacrifice nights out, fancy meals, weekends away, expensive beauty products. All because you’d rather save save save, invest in yourself and get somewhere amazing in life. But even we deserve a way to treat ourselves though, right?! Am I right or am I right! 🙌🏻

Here’s my tip top ideas or treating yourself still, because lets face it. You are important

So here’s my top tips for treating yourself when money is being saved for the more amazing things in life! Go you by the way!!

Eat chocolate, watch a feel good film and TAKE TIME OFF!

Choose a film that makes you feel inspired, motivated and good. Choose something that will make you laugh so much that your insides ache. Grab yourself a big bar of chocolate. Push the boat out and get a box of your fave chocs! What’s £5?! You deserve it! Honestly, time out away from the laptop and phone is amazing for the soul!

Naughty but GENIUS!!

Nip into the designer store that stocks your favourite skincare beauty products if you’ve run out and ask for samples. They will give you tons of samples! Then go home and run yourself a bubbly bath and give yourself a wee facial! I can gaurantee you will feel recharged and super pumped in 30 minutes! And your skin will look perrrrfect! You never know they might have money off vouchers on full sized products too! WIN WIN!

Get a good nights sleep!

Change the bed sheets and buy yourself some brand new pj’s! Primark sell them for like £10! So a perfect inexpensive treat! Is there anything better than fresh sheets or brand new pyjamas? Nope. Team them both together and you’re guaranteeing yourself the perfect nights sleep! That is the ultimate treat to yourself, especially when you’re running a business. Good sleep is essential for brain development.

Have a date night!

Just because your money is going elsewhere at the moment, it doesn’t mean you have to live off beans and toast for the rest of your days. Get yourself to your local supermarket or M&S and get a dine in for two meal deal. M&S meals are DELICIOUS! You can get a main, side, dessert and bottle of wine for £10!! It’s a perfect treat for you and your partner! So cook some tasty food, drink some lovely wine, watch a movie and then get yourself an early night…. 😜

Look out for beauty treatment offers

If you really need a beauty treat like a massage or a facial, have a look at what your local salons are offering. There might be some cute little offers on for that month that gives you a great saving. Or maybe they have a code that you are entitled to for signing up to their monthly newsletters. Have a look and see what’s on offer.

Support your local colleges

If there’s no deals that are catching your eye at your local hair or beauty salons, look no further than your local college! If you want your hair done but you can’t afford the hefty price tag and you’ve dyed your own hair in the past but it turned bright orange.. (we’ve all done it) then seriously, contact your local colleges hair and beauty department. It’s SOOOO cheap, you get a wee treat and you’re helping a student learn too! PLEASE don’t think that because they are students that they will be rubbish. No lecturer would let a client leave with a botched up job!

Shop local!

Do you need some new jeans because yours need thrown out because of the fraying and the holes, even though they are your fave pair of jeans it’s a hard shopping trip to make when money is tight…. but why not venture into your local charity shops? I do this quite often and I have to say I’ve never once bought something that hasn’t still got its original tags on! Just simply because charity shops get inundated with tons of great stuff! Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

For those times when you need a little tipple!

Us chicks love a cocktail right?! but as amazing as they are they can come with a pretty hefty price tag! if you’ve got a fave cocktail, why not google the list of ingredients and make them yourself? your girlfriends will think you’re a legend and you get to have a giggle, gossip and gulp!!

Pack your bags and GO! 

We all get those times in business and life where we just need to escape for a couple of days! This is completely normal and is super important that you take the time to recharge your batteries and go with it! It doesn’t mean you’re a rubbish business owner. But for those times that you do need to get away, have a look at last minute deals for hotel getaways! Sometimes you can get some AMAZING last minute deals!

Anyway, that was just a few of the things that I like to do when I don’t have much disposable income, or I’m just being strict with myself because I’m working on a financial goal. I still get my treats but I never spend too much money! So I don’t feel guilty! Please remember though, that you do deserve treats still and completely cutting yourself off from receiving any, will only make you uptight and tired.

I personally like buying myself chocolate. Lots of chocolate. However now I have this problem where my jeans are getting tight. Not sure why that is? Anyone know? 🙊😂

Until next time. Keep creating Excellence
Nic x

Nicola Couperthwaite

I am Nicola Couperthwaite, I own a beauty salon and training academy within the Scottish Borders, UK. I am a beauty expert and beauty educator. I am the GOLD winners of Beauty Salon of the Year and Beauty Therapist of the Year 2017, in The British Hair and Beauty Awards. I am also a complete chocoholic! Oh and i love cute babies and puppies too... but who doesn't right!? <3

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