I Need A Change: 5 Changes To Better Your Life

Do you ever fall into a darkness?  Where everything is sort of cloudy and blah?  Sometimes falling into the motions of everyday life can cause you to fall into a rut. Wake up. Go to Work. Come home. Go to bed. Start over— All of a sudden four months go by in the blink of an eye. It’s so easy to fall into a routine because our time is consumed by things we have to do rather than things we want/ need to do. Once you become conscious of the fact time is flying by, you also come to the realization that you’re at the bottom of a work-driven hole and you don’t remember where the ladder is. Here are five simple things you can do in order to get yourself out of the rut when you find yourself saying, “I Need A Change.”

  1. Change Your Hair

Remember that cute cut you saved to your Pinterest board because you fell in love with it?  Chances are that it’s not the ‘do’ you’re currently rocking.  “I could never do that,” “My mother would not approve,” or the ever-popular “I don’t have the face for it.” What? You don’t have the face for a cool ass haircut that you naturally gravitated toward? Go for it, girl! Go for the cut or color that makes you feel most like yourself. There is no time to be anything but your best, most comfortable, kick-ass self.

  1. Rearrange The Furniture

Are you to the point where you can wake up, make it to the shower, closet, kitchen, and out the door without even opening your eyes?  If so, it’s time to channel your inner-interior decorator.  Buy some cool new curtains to brighten up the room.  Invest in a trendy new couch and finally get rid of the one you inherited from someone’s basement.  Pick up a rug, or perhaps some local artwork for that blank wall you’ve been staring it.  Giving your home a fresh new feel will draw your attention to something new as opposed to walking through blindly day after day.


  1. Clean Your Closet

If you’re anything like me, you own two types of clothing— work clothes, and gym/sleep clothes.  Well guess what… The time has come. You’re never going to wear all 67 of those t-shirts, (I promise).  Purging your old clothes can do wonders for the clutter in your mind.  Donate the clothes you never wear to someone who will wear them.  Not only will you get a breath of fresh air looking at an organized space for all of your clothes, you’ll also be helping others.  (**Bonus— This makes room for a mini-wardrobe makeover to polish off your fresh start).

  1. Take A Class

Another great accessory to the fresh air you’re now taking in is to learn a new skill.  Whether it’s taking an online course on starting your own business, learning a new language at the local community college, or even taking a fun fitness class at the gym— Learning something different is a great way to open your mind, relax, and even meet some new friends.

  1. Pursue A Different Career

This one is crucial, although a little more involved. If every stitch of your stress comes from your job, and you absolutely dread getting out of bed every morning, you’re doing something wrong.  Yes you need money to live, hence the job.  However, as cliché as it sounds, life is waaaay too short to miserably sludge through your day hating what you do at work.  It’s probably a good indication that you should pursue something else.

In no way am I telling you to walk in tomorrow and quit your job on the spot— You have to have a backup plan here y’all. But it’s not out of the question to consider another option.  Try looking for the thing you would do if you didn’t have to work, chances are your passion lies somewhere around that.  Now you have to find a way to get paid for it and take the plunge.

Briana Johnson

Briana is a reader, writer, and lover of finding silver linings. She spends her time absorbing lessons from daily struggles and embarrassing moments and passing the value on to others through her blog, The Frizzy Hair Chronicles. She uses writing as a vehicle to connect with other women who are on the same path to make life pour out a little more smoothly. Outside of writing, she spends time drinking wine, eating delicious new foods, and running (not simultaneously, most of the time).

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